The Art of Gifting

I have always loved gift giving. Surprising someone with a thoughtful gift is so rewarding. When creating our haut-chocolat collections, I take as much care with the gift packaging as I do with the ingredients and recipes. Small details such as the finish of a paper, the feel of a hand-tied bow, instruction on the best way to eat a truffle, the story of each ingredient's source are all of paramount importance when creating a luxurious gift. My goal is to create an indelible chocolate experience.

Peace, Love, and Chocolate® Katrina Markoff

The Haut-Chocolat Gift Experience

Hand-Tied Satin Bow, tied just right so that only a gentle pull is required to unravel the ribbon and inaugurate the gift experience

Custom-Made Purple Paper

Custom-Made Purple Paper,

covers our signature boxes, offering just the right tactile appeal

Silver Foil Embossed Insignia

Silver Foil Embossed Insignia,

ensures a thoughtfully crafted chocolate experience

A Guide Book

A Guide Book

awaits inside every Vosges Haut-Chocolat collection offering tasting notes and the experiential story of each truffle

Carefully Crafted Truffles

Carefully Crafted Truffles

feature hand-placed toppings and perfectly tempered chocolate surrounding aromatic, infused ganache