An odyssey through the history of Vosges Haut-Chocolat collections old and new. In celebration of our 20-year anniversary, Katrina delved into her recipe archives and recreated some of her most loved truffles from the past two decades along with a special Ruby cacao truffle, representing the future of haut-chocolat. An edible archive or exploration and discovery, this collection will inspire beyond the palate.

Taste 20 different recipes each with a unique story to tell.


Read experiential truffle stories in our illustrated guidebook.


Ignite your own creativity using guided exercises in our 40-page journal.


Custom paintings by Crystal Sloane adorn the keepsake box and five blank postcards.


Taste the future! Learn about this new innovation in chocolate. Read below.

The Future of Chocolate

There was dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate… and now Ruby. We are humbled to be chosen as one of the first in the United States to launch the new Ruby cacao. Made with an innovative process that took years to develop, Ruby cacao beans are sourced from Ecuador, Brazil, and the Ivory Coast. Neither genus nor origin determine the qualification of Ruby bean, it is a natural occurrence in some beans. The secret lies in the proper selection and a proprietary processing method. Ruby has a natural pink color, a luscious creaminess, and an intense fresh berry-fruitiness. Pay special attention as you see, smell, and bite into a Ruby truffle, for you are one of the first to taste the future!