Cosmic Chocolate celebrates the power of our minds and explores how chocolate and other tools can help us manifest our best reality. Katrina, owner and chocolatier of Vosges Haut-Chocolat, has always been driven by intuition and has studied various spiritual practices to unlock creativity. This year, our storytelling through the medium of chocolate takes us on an exploration of crystals, astrology, and intention-setting. Prepare to open your mind to new ideas.
Unique Truffles

Limited edition seasonal truffles featuring Superior Source Ingredients.

Heart Boxes

Keepsake boxes are ornamented with velveteen cut-outs in refracted patterns alluding to our crystal pairings.

Tasting Cards

Each truffle includes a guided tasting card, which includes a crystal pairing and intention setting exercise.

Crystal Pairings

Pairing crystals complete the experience. (see below)

Original Illustrations

Each tasting card features a unique illustration by our in-house artist, Russ Gottwaldt

We have curated a starter set of crystals that pair with our limited edition Valentine’s Day collections. Ten stones with a crystals guide can be added on to your chocolate gift. Inside the chocolate box, pairing cards will guide the way with a truffle story and crystal pairing instructions.

Deal the cards or pick one randomly to determine which chocolate to taste. Read the back of the card. Pick up the chocolate and pairing crystal and follow the instructions for setting an intention. Proceed with an open mind and prepare for a miracle!

Amethyst Druze

A forcefield stone that casts
a protective shield around
the aura to calm a fluttery mind

Rose Quartz

The love stone to
open your heart


A calming stone to
bring peace of mind

Clear Quartz

A stone to manifest
your desires


A stone that will boost
your feminine power


A stone to help overcome
bad habits + take action

Petrified Wood

Hold to to establish deep
roots on what is truly
important in your life


A wealth stone to bring
optimistic outcomes for
health and finance


A stone to bring in
child-like playful energy


A stone to increase
creativity + passion