Vosges Chocolate

Aztec or Parisienne Chill Recipe

Vosges Haut-Chocolat Gourmet Chocolate Recipes - Aztec Parisienne Chill Make a cool and tasty drinking dessert in minutes using the spicy Aztec Elixir Couture Cocoa or La Parisienne Couture Cocoa (voted #1 by Rachael Ray).

Prep Time: 1 Min | Cook Time: 8 Mins
Katrina's Inspiration
"The Aztec Elixir was the first chili and chocolate drink on the market, and I remember how people were so wide-eyed and disbelieving…until they took a sip."
  • 1. Bring milk to a boil in a medium pan.
  • 2. Turn heat to low, add the cocoa and stir with a whisk until completely melted and velvety smooth.
  • 3. Bring the hot chocolate to room temperature and then cover and place the cocoa in the refrigerator overnight.
  • 4. Serve in a tall, cold, frosty glass and start sipping.