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Spring & Easter / Le Chocolat en Rose Truffles, 20 pieces

Spring & Easter - Le Chocolat en Rose Truffles, 20 pieces

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"Give your heart and soul to me
And life will always be
La vie en rose "

Our Pink Champagne truffles combine Piper Heidsieck brut rosè Champagne in 65% cacao dark chocolate, rolled in fragrant rose bud poudre. Throughout the Balkans, Persia and India, the rose is cherished for its delicate parfum. Regional cuisine celebrates the rose; its scent wafts from the nape of the neck and the insides of the wrists.

Remove a truffle carefully from the box taking care to preserve the coveted rose bud-layered surface. Close your eyes, take three deep breaths and center your mind. Bring your nose to the facade of the truffle as you inhale. Do you sense the lush, aromatics of rose masking rich cacao? Take a small bite, let the texture of the rose buds coat your tongue. A touch of pink Champagne appears, with notes of cherry and plum. Take another breath, allowing the scent to permeate your palate through the back of your throat. Let the quiet seduction of the rose guide your sensory experience.

Consume within 4 days

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The name of these truffles is inspired by Edith Piaf's signature song, La Vie en Rose which in French means "life through rose-colored glasses" or literally "life in pink."
Should you find yourself wandering Paris with Edith Piaf's words playing in your ear, be sure to stop by a few of Katrina's favorites:

L'As du Falafel On 34, rue des Rosiers (M: St. Paul), closed Friday pm and Saturday. The best falafel anywhere! Join the crowd clamoring at the window while they prepare your falafel with lightning-fast speed. Certainly a dive, and definitely a must!!!!!

Le Bilboquet
12 rue Saint-Benoit 75006 Cool for a drink in the center pit by the band or an average dinner. Great late night. Saint-Germain-des-Pres area. Wonderful!

Pierre Hermé 72 RUE DE BONAPARTE 7th Don't miss the best patissier in the world's shoppe.


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The Perfect Gift?    
Chocolates and roses are the most quintessentially romantic gift for Valentine's Day or an anniversary, but only Vosges has thought to combine them. The rose petals surround the most luxurious, delicious chocolate known to mankind. Only the strange sensation of picking rose petals out of one's teeth keeps me from a 5-star review.
- Michelle
Falling apart and unattractive    
These truffles were not the pretty pink treats they have pictured here. What I received were little misshapen balls that were falling to pieces inside of their box, The "crust" of brownish red rose petals had flaked off in large chunks as well. The champagne smell and flavor was extremely strong to the point where it was very off-putting even for a champagne lover. For fifty dollars I expected better. Very disappointed.
- Cindy
This is by far my favorite chocolate ever! I like all of Vosges chocolates, they are all wonderful and different, but this is the one I can absolutely not live without. It is so delectable, sweet and delicious! Can you please start offering auto-replenishment service? If so this will go on the top of my list!
- Dini

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