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Smoke & Stout Caramel Bar

Your senses of sight, smell, and taste will collectively surrender to the inebriating potion that spills out of this chocolate bar. Rich, dark chocolate stout and Alderwood smoked salt are combined with soft, oozing caramel and encased in deep, dark chocolate.

Smoke & Stout parfums include:
Rogue's Chocolate Stout beer + Alderwood smoked salt + burnt sugar caramel + 70% cacao dark chocolate

Processed on equipment that also processes Milk, Soy, Peanut and Tree Nuts.

Consume within 12 months.

Net weight: 3 ounces


My original inspiration came from a desire to create a product a bit more masculine in nature. My love of chocolate stout made it an obvious choice. Pondering other flavors to play with the beer, I decided on smoke and chose the Alder wood smoked salt to flavor the caramel.

This bar has been my obsession this year. It is one of the best things I have tasted in ages. Though inspired with the fellas in mind, I predict it will be a favorite for all.


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Smokey Gooey Goodness    
It's smokey, chocolaty, gooey deliciousness. Great new bar, a real gem in Vosges' candy bar collection.
- Nina
My New Fav!    
From the name and ingredients, I really thought I would hate this bar. Normally, I don't like the taste of smoked anything. But the smoke flavor is blended well in this bar and adds a nice depth of flavor without hitting you in the face. Again, I don't really care for the gooey caramel just because it's gooey and makes a mess when you eat the bar. But...for this bar, I'm willing to put up with the mess. And the caramel being burnt sugar caramel just adds to the richness of flavor exuding from the bar. YUM, YUM, YUM!!!
- Jennie W
Smoky Amazingness    
Great bar filled with fudgey goodness! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a good dark bar!
- Claire
If this bar has a drawback, it's how gooey the filling is. I licked my fingers clean. The stout adds just a hint of warmth to this bar. The caramel is rich and smooth. Loooovvved it.
- Rachel Landis
To die for    
I didn't expect this to be my favorite of all the Vosges chocolate bars but oh my God, it's sooooo good. Wonderful during and an exquisite finish that lingers beautifully. Yum.
Sweet Heaven!    
Wow -- I went in expecting it to be good but ... wow! Smooth, rich and almost fudgy. IMO salt is always a good idea. Here, the salt -- more subtle than in some other Voges bars -- really tied the other flavors together and brought out their best. A new and unexpected favorite!
- Rachel
Not your average salted caramel bar    
I only had one square of this bar, but that was enough to convince me I had to track down another in short order. As ever, the chocolate is very high quality. It's quite dark and has a very pleasant flavor. Then the stout hits, a creamy alcohol that's almost immediately followed with a vanilla sweetness and all cut with the salt. And underneath it all there's a gentle smokiness that isn't overpowering, merely offering a great counterpoint to the salt and caramel. This definitely isn't for everyone. At this price, Vosges is competing against Grand Cru and Single Harvest chocolate bars which do a great job of being tasty and bitter. This bar does a great job of being not too sweet, combining many intense flavors, and being incredibly delicious.
- Roy
Amazingly amazing!!!    
It's dangerously good, once you try this chocolate, its so hard to stop.
- Svetlana
Chocolate? I think not!    
My Wife put a Vosges Smoke & Stout Caramel Bar in my Xmas stocking. It was so outrageously good; I couldn't figure out whether to keep it all for myself or share it with everyone out of fear they would miss out on the magic of Vosges Smoke & Stout Caramel Bar. When there are things this good in this world it restores my faith that there might not be a zombie apocalypse ;-). Vosges you crush it!
- Paul
not a favorite    
I did not like this one as much as the other bars we ordered (and we ordered almost every other bar). This had an unpleasant twang in the caramel. The filling was dark dark brown, perhaps due to the stout, and I didn't get much salt or smoke from it (unless that sour twang in the caramel was smoke). We loved almost every other bar we had-- this just wasn't quite on.
- elaffint
The combination of flavors in this bar is astonishingly good. Wonderful balance of sweet and salty with the stout adding some extra full-bodied taste. YUM!
- chocolatemama
What were they thinking?    
While the flavors are good...the bar falls apart; breaks unevenly; and oozes into the package and all over the place. This is one of the biggest chocolate flops I've experienced in high quality chocolates.
- Lisa
Ridiculously the finest chocolate ever made    
Smoke & Stout Caramel Bar was a gift. I love dark fine chocolate. I was blown away. Absolutely the finest dark chocolate bar I have ever tried. I do not do reviews. But I made an exception here. Well done indeed.
- Rolland Browning

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