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Valentine's Day Gifts / Mash Bill Truffle Collection, 9 pieces

Valentine's Day Gifts - Mash Bill Truffle Collection, 9 pieces

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9 Piece Mash Bill Truffle Collection

A mixture of corn, rye, barley and wheat, a traditional "mash bill" contains the perfect balance of "grist" - a bourbon connoisseur's term for the fermented starch extracted from ground grain. Each grain contributes a different flavor profile – sweet, malty, peppery – giving each whiskey a singular flavor that stems from its age and individual grain combination.

The 9 Piece Mash Bill Truffle Collection parfums include:
- (2) Scotch: coconut & cocoa nib caramel + Bruichladdich Port Charlotte scotch + 45% deep milk chocolate
- (2) Whiskey: Templeton rye whiskey + tart cherry + tobacco + 62% cacao dark chocolate
- (2) Bourbon: toasted pecans + Four Rose's single barrel bourbon + 45% deep milk chocolate
- (3) Stout: Rogue's chocolate stout + 62% cacao dark chocolate

Follow the story of Katrina's grandfather Kiril, or Dedo as he was called by his loved ones, and learn how he got the chance to play with the famed Duke Ellington and earned the nickname "The Duke" in Fort Wayne.

The Mash Bill Truffle Collection contains less than 5% alcohol.

Contains coconut, milk, pecans, soy, and wheat.

Manufactured in a facility that handles tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, milk, wheat and soy.

Net Weight: 3.42oz
Consume within 2 weeks.

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Interesting Collection    
I love trying new truffle assortments. This one didn't let me down. While I wasn't found of the stout truffles, the flavor of the bourbon was so great, I was more than pacified. I also liked the scotch and the whiskey, though the whiskey flavor was subtle. The scotch gave a nice warmth. Overall, a good collection.
- Rachel Landis
Can't detect flavors AT ALL    
I am a big home brewer, scotch, and bourbon lover. I also love chocolate and love to sample a variety of specialty chocolates at home. So I was really excited to get the Mash Bill chocolates for my birthday. However, neither I nor my wife could really detect any of the supposed alcohol ingredients (scotch, bourbon, stout). How disappointing!
- Garrett
nice collection    
I don't care for the taste of stout beer so needless to say, that truffle was my least favorite. I loved the scotch ones most of all. There's nothing overpowering about these truffles and they could use a bit more of the spirits and spices in each truffle.
- Trudy

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