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Bestsellers / Collezione Italiana, 12 pieces

Bestsellers - Collezione Italiana, 12 pieces
Bestsellers - Collezione Italiana, 12 pieces

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Collezione Italiana, 12 pieces

A Collection of Italy's Finest Gastronomical Beauties. Our 12-piece Collezione Italiana includes parfums from the original Italian Collection in an elegant new box.

Italian Truffle parfums include:
- (2) Sale del Mare: Sicilian sea salt caramel + milk chocolate + pine nut
- (2) Polline di Finocchio: Wild Tuscan fennel pollen + dark chocolate
- (2) Balsamico: 12-year aged balsamic vinegar + dark chocolate + Sicilian hazelnuts
- (3) Rooster: Taleggio cheese + organic walnuts + Tahitian vanilla bean + bittersweet dark chocolate
- (3) Olio d'Oliva: First press extra virgin olive oil + white chocolate + green olives

Contains: Hazelnuts, milk, pine nuts, soy, walnuts.

Manufactured in a facility that handles tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, milk, wheat and soy.

Net Weight: 4.56oz
Consume within 1 week.

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Tasty Delight    
I shared this box at a wine and chocolate taste test with 4 friends. Amazing. We all chose different pieces as our favorites, but agreed that the collection is wonderful. What a fun way to spend the afternoon!
- Paula Fetterman
Olio change    
I love Vosges- the quality is outstanding and the flavor combinations are creative and delicious! One small thing has saddened me: the Olio d'Oliva truffle used to have black olives on top (I don't recall what kind) but they have switched to green olives- which I know sounds annoyingly picky, but they used to be my absolute favorite truffle! The green olives are less salty, less briny, and more bitter. There must have been a reason for the change, I wish I knew what it was, but the new ones aren't for me. Luckily, I have many other favorites. :)
- Katie
Best Selection for Advanced Chocolate Darlings    
This selection is absolutely fantastic. It's so different than how we usually think of chocolate so if you're an advanced admirer of chocolate and looking to venture beyond the typical, this is a great perspective on pairings. The Rooster my favorite because it's immediately rewarding but the others have complexity that take a few tries (NOT complaining!) to understand. The pairings in this box are truly more about all of the flavors and scents as a single package rather than more simply 90% chocolate with a dusting of something exotic on top.
- Justine Madonna
Dear God. I don't know why I waited so long to try this collection of truffles, because they are divine. Fabulous. No, favoloso. Like all of Vosges' offerings, the packaging draws you into the world of these chocolates, telling a story on each page as it gently instructs. This all helps to engage your tongue with your mind. I always pick up more flavors when I am reading the packaging instructions then at any other time. However, these truffles stand alone in their magnificence. I started with the Rooster, which has a rich, mild flavor. You can taste the cheese in the chocolate as you descend through the layers, but the flavors never conflict. From there, we move onto more complicated pairings - my favorite probably being the olive oil and white chocolate blend. White chocolate is so often ruined by an influx of sugar that buries the beauty of the cocoa butter. Not so here - the olive oil and white chocolate somehow are perfect together, while the green olives are just a subtle touch on the top. Another stand out for me was the sea salt and pine nut, with a hidden layer of caramel that surprised me when I bit into it. I was sad it when it was gone. This is a truly decadent collection, and I felt a little spoiled today when I laid back on my white bed and ate these truffles. Two thumbs up from a lover of all things savory.
- Sarah

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