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Gifts for Employees / Tres Petite Clementine & Ginger Botanical Toffee

Gifts for Employees - Tres Petite Clementine & Ginger Botanical Toffee

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1/4 LB Très Petite Clementine & Ginger Botanical Toffee

Our sweet buttery toffee laced with ginger confit, lime & rooibos tea, enrobed in dark chocolate and garnished with clementine powder.

Très Petite Botanical Toffee parfum includes:
Sweet buttery toffee + ginger confit + lime + rooibos tea + 62% cacao dark chocolate + clementine powder

Net Weight: 4oz (45g)

Shelf Life: 8 weeks

GLUTEN-FREE product containing less than 20ppm of gluten.

Contains: Milk, soy.


  • Clementine & Ginger Toffee


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    Great Creation for Exotic Lovers    
    This toffee is amazing. One or two pieces just isn't enough! If you like ginger and lime, then you'll really love this creation. It has a buttery, yet light citrusy taste that goes very well with the rich dark chocolate it's combined with. The dark chocolate outside is actually much darker in person than what it looks like in this picture, and it has a sprinkling of orange clementine powder on top of it. It's worth a try for exotic lovers!
    - Nina
    really unusual but incredible    
    clementine and ginger in toffee? i wouldn't have been able to imagine such a thing before i saw these. they sounded so intriguing that i bought them. they are really interesting and delicious - definitely more exciting than regular toffee!
    - amanda
    Not the best of the Vosges selection    
    The toffee is excellent, but the ginger clementine flavor doesn't meld with the flavor. They were separate on my tongue and I really didn't like it all the much.
    - Rachel Landis

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