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Top Selling Corporate Gifts / Bacon + Chocolate Gift Box

Top Selling Corporate Gifts - Bacon + Chocolate Gift Box
Top Selling Corporate Gifts - Bacon + Chocolate Gift Box
Top Selling Corporate Gifts - Bacon + Chocolate Gift Box
Top Selling Corporate Gifts - Bacon + Chocolate Gift Box

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Bacon + Chocolate Gift Box includes:

(1) Noble Pig Library
(2) Mo's Bacon Chocolate Flying Pig
(1) 6 piece Caramels with Uncured Bacon
(1) 1/2 lb Bacon Caramel Toffee

Mo's Milk & Dark Chocolate Bacon Candy Bars
Our bacon is baked in small batches before we hand chop it into fine nibbles and combine with 62% dark or 45% deep milk chocolate. Alderwood smoked salt exudes a campfire aroma and perfectly offsets the sweetness of the chocolate.

6piece Uncured Bacon Smoked Salt caramels: uncured Bacon + 62% cacao dark chocolate + Smoked Salt

Bacon Caramel Toffee:
Uncured bacon, broken into pieces by hand and stirred into our classic, sweet butter toffee recipe. Coated in 42% cacao milk chocolate and sprinkled with Alderwood smoked salt.

Contains: You may refer to our website for individual item allergen information for each piece contained in this set.

Manufactured in a facility that handles tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, milk, wheat and soy. 

16.5" x 8.5" x 3.75"
Consume within 8 weeks


"I began experimenting with bacon + chocolate at the tender age of 6, while eating chocolate chip pancakes drenched in Aunt Jemima® syrup, as children often do. Beside my chocolate-laden cakes laid three strips of sizzlin' bacon, just barely touching a sweet pool of maple syrup. And then, the magic—just a bite of the bacon was too salty and I yearned for the sweet kiss of chocolate and syrup, so I combined the two. In retrospect, perhaps this was a turning point; for on that plate something magical happened, the beginnings of a combination so ethereal and delicious that it would haunt my thoughts until I found the medium to express it—chocolate.

From there, it was just a matter of time…and what began as a love of salt and sweet quickly unraveled into an obsession. No sooner could I wait to unveil the royal coupling in solid bar form, a deep milk chocolate with bits and pieces of hickory smoked uncured bacon and just a sprinkling of Alderwood smoked salt. Really, what doesn't taste better with bacon?"
15 medium-sized Medjool dates
3 chorizo sausages, casing removed
1 Mo's Bacon Bar (8 squares)
8 pieces Nueskes Bacon
1 batch of Spicy Oaxacan Red Sauce cilantro, for serving

Cut a date on one side lengthwise, remove pit. Stuff with chorizo and place ¼ of a bacon bar square in the center of the chorizo. Fold chorizo around chocolate.

Wrap in half a piece of smoked Nueskes bacon. Sear bacon-wrapped dates in pan until crispy. Set aside. Pour red sauce half-way up the sides of a baking sheet with 1-inch side walls and transfer dates to the baking sheet. Space dates 1 inch apart. Bake in sauce for 25 minutes at 350ºF. Serve in sauce, garnish with cilantro and bacon bar shavings.

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