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Comfort Food / Bapchi's Caramel Toffee 1/4lb.

Comfort Food - Bapchi's Caramel Toffee 1/4lb.

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Our original Comfort Food, this salty-sweet toffee will remain a timeless favorite. We make our crunchy, buttery toffee in large sheets, sprinkle each with mineral-rich pink Himalayan salt, coat the top with deep milk chocolate and finish it off with a sprinkling of roasted, organic walnuts and pecans. Our lovely ladies make sure that each pan of toffee is broken into perfectly pop-able bite-sized chunks.


Manufactured in a facility that handles tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, milk, wheat and soy.

Consume within 8 weeks


"A tribute to my grandmother, Bapchi. I grew up next door to my grandparents, she was the one who really taught me how to cook. At an early age, I learned from her the magic of the kitchen and the relationship between food and love. Not an English toffee, never a peanut brittle, just like Bapchi's crunchy, buttery toffee dipped in deep milk chocolate and rolled in walnuts and pecans. "
- Katrina
The Lady and Sons! This is a must must must go to in Savannah. Paula Deen started The Bag Lady out of her home. The Bag Lady began as a lunch delivery service with Paula's sons, Jamie and Bobby, delivering bag lunches to area business people in their offices around town. As the delivery and catering business grew, The Bag Lady expanded to The Lady and Sons restaurant. Try the Banana Wafer Pudding!



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The perfect snack...    
Every now and then I pick this up as a special 'weekend' treat. The box doesn't last long as it is absolutely delicious. Also makes a nice stocking stuffers so long as you have a big enough stocking! Go for it!
- Lisa
Toffee Freak    
I am an admitted toffee freak. It's been my favorite since childhood, and well, I've eaten pretty much every toffee out there. I thought I'd found the best with Entsrom's here in my town of Denver, which is famous for their toffee, and it is very good. But one bite of your toffee and I was sold. It's amazing. Want more. Now.
- Marie Vlasic
BEST Toffee EVER    
I bought this toffee in the store not knowing what to expect. This is the BEST toffee I have ever had. I absolutely love the way the pecans and walnuts are encrusted on top of the chocolate!
- Jenn
YUCK!!!! Really awful tasting! Very disappointed in Vosges.....
- Denise Pawlik
Toffee you do my heart good    
Toffee is another of my comfort foods and my husband favors toffee as well so the largest size is what we buy. Usually with some other new chocolate or another comfort food. We figure we might as well get the use of the dry ice for safe delivery by packing up a nice care package for ourselves. Buttery toffee just can't be beat!
- Miriam Spectre Marcus
These toffees are so good that I ask my friend to buy tons of them when they come visit me in Europe. I wish you opened a store in London or Belgrade :)
- Jovana Miljanovic
The BEST Toffee in America    
How dare anyone give this toffee less than the full Monty of a rating of five? I love this special toffee and can't imagine anyone being unhappy with this candy.I was lucky enough to get this box along with my Hazelnut Bon Bons, my most favorite chocolate but this one I WILL share and the other might just be mine since it was sent as a gift to me. Only a sarky dentist could complain about this toffee.
- Miriam Spectre Marcus
The Absolute Best!    
These are one of the best things they have here in the boutique! DELICIOUS! LOVE IT!
- Lala

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