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Black Salt Caramel Chocolate Bar

Our new generation of caramel filled bars will have you swooning at first bite. 70% cacao dark chocolate surrounds the molten, salt-spiked, soft caramel center. If you are a newcomer to the addictive combination of salt + chocolate, this bar is a must-try.

Black Salt Caramel parfum includes:
black Hawaiian sea salt + burnt sugar caramel + 70% cacao dark chocolate


Processed on equipment that also processes Milk, Soy, Peanut and Tree Nuts.

Consume within 12 months.

Net weight: 3 ounces


My first black salt caramel creation was born in the form of a truffle for the Marchesa Collection inspired by the 19th century Italian diva, Luisa Casati. She was one of the first femme fatales, known for her grand parties where she would show up with snakes around her neck. It is also said that Casati was spotted walking the streets of Venice at night escorted by cheetahs in jeweled collars. The black Hawaiian salt and dark chocolate are inspired by my muse's signature dark India ink make up.

Black Hawaiian salt or Hiwa Kai is a blend of sea salt and volcanic charcoal. The salt is harvested naturally in ocean pools that have formed from past volcanic eruptions. The salt's striking obsidian hue is matched only by its flavor on your palate—slightly nutty and smoky—the perfect combination with burnt caramel and dark chocolate.

Enjoy this most decadent indulgence.

- Katrina


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Good but messy    
Good flavor but rather runny and messy eating!
- Jean
Fair warning    
Delicious! Perfect caramel and chocolate balance! - But be warned - even refrigerated, you should not eat this chocolate bar on expensive furniture or when far away from soap.
- Julia
Perfect combination    
This is my favorite Vosges chocolate bar. It is the perfect combination of sweet and salt. I love to break off a gooey piece and let it melt in my mouth, tasting the carmel first, then the amazing salt crystals on my tongue. Once opened, it gets very gooey, so after breaking off the first piece, I throw it in the fridge, and get a completely different experience the next time I try a bite!
- Sandra
This bar is amazing. I try to eat oonly eat one piece at a time but it is so good I usually end up eating half of the bar before I know it.
- Valerie
Black Salt Carmel Bar    
It was very smooth, but way too gooey...if your house is too warm, you don't want to put these bard in the fridge or freezer.
- Jenny Roberts
Addictive indeed    
I am now purchasing this candy bar at least once a week and not sharing with anyone!
- Madeleine
Tasty flavors, messy construction    
the 70% dark chocolate is excellent in this bar--a bold cocoa flavor that has a great balance of bitter and sweet tastes. It's an excellent contrast with the sweet, syrupy caramel in the bar. Unfortunately, this caramel is quite sticky and messy (I recommend eating it on a plate). It's got a burnt-sugar taste, personally not my favorite caramel flavor. The sea salt adds excellent depth, serving to compliment the sweet caramel and bold chocolate.
- Jonathan Gill
This was the best candy bar I have ever eaten by far!!! Just the right amount of saltiness with the bittersweet chocolate...wow!
- Sharon
Classic, but Better    
This is your classic caramel and chocolate pairing, but better. The caramel is smooth and rich, with a hint of smokiness. The chocolate is intoxicating. One of my favorites.
- Rachel Landis
Worth it!    
Messy but worth licking your fingers!
- Kathy
Good not Great!    
This bar was good merely because of the wonderful, rich chocolate! I did not however, taste the salt. The caramel was good but made the bar very difficult to eat as it seeped out when I broke off a piece of the bar and dropped on my blouse. I ate and enjoyed it. I just don't think this will be a favorite!
- Jana
sweet, gooey, yumminess!    
would have liked the salt to be a bit more prominent... but overall, a super yummy treat! my son liked it so much he ate half the bar before i could stop him.
- emily
Casati - La Magnifique!    
Anyone realize that this is Vosges' famous "Marchesa Casati" truffle in bar form? All that's missing is the pearl dust! An exotic treat in homage of an exotic legend.
- Marie McCann
Took a chance...    
I'm not a fan of the sweet/salty combo (esp. in chocolate). Not even a caramel bar chocolate fan (too sweet/messy). But, I took a chance on this because of the burnt caramel and Hawaiian black salt (I love this stuff). Turns out it's not bad. Not too sweet and not too salty, just right. Only a little disappointed that I didn't taste much smokey notes.
- Cat
so good but not the best    
Compared to most chocolate bars in the world, this would be a 5. But as far as Vosges goes, this one is worth ordering but not if it's the only one you're ordering. I both like and dislike the extremely runny caramel, but the ultimate complexity of the bar isn't up there with the best ones.
- elaffint
Top of the Troppers!    
This chocolate is totally top of the troppers, it is my favourite of all time and you must try it!
- Otter
Couldn't taste the salt and caramel too runny    
Was expecting more salty taste, given the big build-up on the wrapper for Black Salt. The runny caramel was also a bit of a turn-off. Given the run-of-the mill flavor, not worth twice the price of other similar bars.
- Andy Butler
I don't even eat dark chocolate generally. I bought this by the market register because of the words "salt" and "caramel. If only I had more.I find this insanely delicious.
- Erica
Supremely decadent    
I've never been driven to write a review for anything I purchased at the market, but this did it. Truly the best chocolate bar I've ever tasted.
- Sarah
An experience    
This candy bar is better than some of the best sex I've ever had! Take your time a savor it...eat mine while taking a hot bath.
- Carol

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