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All Chocolate Bars - Blood Orange Caramel Exotic Chocolate Bar
All Chocolate Bars - Blood Orange Caramel Exotic Chocolate Bar

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Blood Orange Caramel Chocolate Bar

Our new generation of caramel filled bars will have you swooning at first bite. 70% cacao dark chocolate surrounds the molten, soft caramel center. The sweet blood orange purée juxtaposed to bitter orange liqueur and tart hibiscus will captivate your palate.

Blood Orange Caramel parfums include:
blood orange + bitter orange liqueur + burnt sugar caramel + hibiscus flowers + 70% cacao dark chocolate


Processed on equipment that also processes Milk, Soy, Peanut and Tree Nuts.

Consume within 12 months.

Net weight: 3 ounces


The blood orange has a flavor similar to a hybrid of a tangerine and pomelo. Its crimson interior is a result of a red pigment called anthocyanin, a powerful antioxidant that is not typically found in other citrus fruits. Anthocyanin is believed to neutralize free radicals in the body that are responsible for numerous ailments associated with aging.


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Molten Citrusy Elixir    
What happens when Katrina's deep dark rich chocolate collides with an inner molten core of taste bud tantalizing liquid caramel infused with the surprisingly complementary tang of blood orange? The chocoholic steals away to their closet in order to hoard all the goodness to themselves. Such was the case when I first tried this stellar bar, and let's be honest, it was impossible to eat just one square. Unlike Vosges' traditional solid bars studded with all sorts of nibbley yum yums -- easily breakable for portion control -- this aqueous caramely wonder doesn't break quite as easily, giving the indulger an even better justification for polishing off the whole thing in one sitting. Yes, you DO owe it to yourself. This confection is a true winner in every sense of the word!
- Elizabeth Finfgeld
Too Gooey for Me    
The taste was okay. But the caramel was just too gooey for me. I couldn't just break off a couple of squares and save the rest for later because the caramel was oozing all over. If you plan on eating the entire bar in one sitting, then this isn't too big a problem, just get a napkin. ;-)
- Jennie W
Dark Chocolate & Blood Orange Candy Bar    
Its Sweet & Sour in a good & bad way...the Blood Orange Carmel is a tad too sweet for the rather bitter dark chocolate. If you keep these bars in a too warm kitchen, it becomes a mess. I do enjoy most of these bars would be willing to give them another shot, when the weather is cooler
- Jenny Roberts
best ever!    
This is absolutely, hands down, my favorite Vosges bar. I love Campari so I had a pretty good idea that I'd like this bar but it blew me away. Yummy dark chocolate hiding a perfect blend of caramelly, buttery, salty, sweet, tangy goodness. Luxurious, intense, rich, decadent. I little messy/sticky, but that's a good thing in this case. Definitely a special treat.
- meg t
Great taste... more filling!    
The flavor combination of this bar is fabulous. What I don't like is the inconsistency I've had with this particular bar. Sometimes chocolate has filled in where the caramel should be, and let's face it- those of us who love caramel want there to be as much of it as possible in each bar!
- Rebecca
Delicious Gooey Mess    
Some of my favorite flavors in one bar. The blood orange could have been a little stronger, but I still enjoyed it very much. The bar was a gooey mess though. I like to enjoy my Vosges a little bit at a time, but couldn't break a piece off without caramel oozing and chocolate sliding. Which meant I had to share with my children. (I prefer to be selfish with my Vosges.)
- Heidi H.
Too tart    
The flavors sounded interesting, but I was disappointed. The blood orange, Campari, and burnt-sugar syrupy caramel create an unpleasantly sour, tart flavor. The dark chocolate is fantastic, but the gooey caramel hinders the bar far more than it helps.
- Jonathan Gill
Simply delicious!    
This is without doubt one of Vosges best bars. The balance of flavors is perfect and the combination caramel and dark chocolate, paired with the nuanced, subtle flavors of hibiscus and Campari create a confection that is too great to pass up!
- Pooja
Orange Heaven    
This bar has a light fruitiness in each bite, paired with a slightly bitter dark chocolate. Nicely balanced, wonderful aroma.
- Rachel Landis
So Wonderful!    
As a person who does NOT like Orange and Chocolate, I thought I would give this a try because of the caramel. Wow, my expectations were exceeded. Yes, this is a difficult bar to nibble and save, because of the caramel, but it converted me to a Blood Orange/Chocolate Lover. Thanks for another winning combination; I now have 5 "Favorite" chocolate bars, because I can't pick just one!
- Sarah Manley
Too much caramel    
I was disappointed because I could hardly taste the blood orange or the hibiscus. The caramel overpowered the blood orange too much. I could only taste a hint of the blood orange. I mostly tasted the caramel. Lastly, I couldn't taste the hibiscus flower at all. The chocolate itself is fine.
- Christine
Not bloody enough...    
I enjoyed this bar, it's gooey, citrusy, but I really could not discern the difference between a regular orange flavor, and a blood orange flavor, which I find to be a much tarter orange flavor than this. I just feel this one has been done before.
- Darren
The dark chocolate is excellent, just a hint of caramel, and the blood orange and hibiscus flavors are nonexistent. The bar need deeper scoring as the filling makes breaking it on a score impossible, and when it does break you end up with the very running filling all over your hands, this also makes the bar very difficult to share. Don't change your chocolate formula as you've nailed it in my opinion, but increase the strength of you other flavors and deepen the scoring.
- Wicked_Wonder

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