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New! / Cheese & Chocolate Gift Box

New! - Cheese & Chocolate Gift Box
New! - Cheese & Chocolate Gift Box

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The Cheese & Chocolate Tasting Collection

A curious contemplation of fermentation through the lustful study of cheese and chocolate...

A collection for the foodies of the world, the die–hard cheese and chocolate addicts or those who are just looking for a little adventure in the office break room. Flip the lid of the box over and use it as a cheese board!

Each Cheese & Chocolate etched bamboo box includes:
- Cowgirl Creamery® Mt Tam® Triple Crème
- Vermont Butter & Cheese Company Coupole
- Roth Kase Buttermilk Blue™
- Spanish Farmhouse Zamorano Sheep's Milk Cheese
- Emilio Mauri's Taleggio
- 28 Chocolate Truffles (4 Rooster, 2 Olio d'Oliva, 2 Balsamico, 3 Gianduia, 2 Polline di Finocchio, 3 Naga, 12 Krug® Champagne)
- 1 Mini Red Fire Exotic Chocolate Bar
- 1 Mini Barcelona Chocolate Bar
- 1 Flying Bacon + Chocolate Pig
- Armenian Apricot Preserves
- Aboriginal Riberry Confit
- Australian Akudjura (dried indigenous bush tomato)
- Fermented Black Garlic
- Black Pepper Crackers
- 5 Teppo Gushi (Japanese wooden knives)
- Paper Cheese Markers
- Guidebook outlining history of cheese, in-depth information on different kinds of cheese, pairing suggestions, tasting notes, anecdotes and stories, serving suggestions and all you will need to know to throw your own smashing cheese & chocolate soirée.

Please note: Due to the nature of this product, it requires special packaging to ensure that it arrives with you or your recipient in perfect condition. We also allow a 5 business days lead time so that this special collection can be prepared for you. If you have any inquiries, please call our Chocolate Concierge Dept. at 888.301.9866.

Consume within 10 days.


Three years ago, I began a quest to create one of my most avant-garde collections, a study of sweet chocolate juxtaposed to savory mates — Taleggio cheese, first press olive oil, aged balsamic vinegar, fennel pollen. Cheese + Chocolate? In that moment, the seed had been planted and the coupling was so intoxicating that it dominated my thoughts and dreams for years to come. How could I stop with Taleggio? So I delved deeper, tasting chocolates aside triple crèmes, umami laden Sottobosco; tangy Crottin de Chavignol and salty Roquefort...
Suddenly I realized that chocolate and cheese had a commonality: Fermentation. Behold the result: a study of fermentation through the collection of Cheese + Chocolate, a tasting concept that traces the fermentation from black garlic to chocolate, including all my favorite cheese paired with chocolates from a variety of our most–loved collections...even a special new truffle that follows in the steps of the original Rooster, bearing creamy Bleu d'Auvergne within its ganache center. Fermentation Bubbles...
Reveal this party–in–a–box after your dinner party and impress your guests, or just grab a bottle of vino and experience the very best chocolate and cheese has to offer.

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Amazing treasure box!    
My husband and I received this box as a present: Amazing! We love cheese and chocolate (and wine and good bread) ans we had so much fun tasting every item. We discovered some amazing cheese and the Korean fermented black garlic was awesome! This is an amazing gift, like a keep safe, and you can use the top board as a cheese board, very special.
- Marie Yoshida

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