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Spring Gifts / African Red Tea and Tart Cherry Exotic Chocolate Bar

Spring Gifts - African Red Tea and Tart Cherry Exotic Chocolate Bar

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Experience the health benefits of both red tea and chocolate in one candy bar! This African rooibos tea is a special blend from our friends at Argo Tea in Chicago, IL. Argo makes their tea by combining dried tea leaves with cherries, hibiscus and vanilla. Soft, bites of Michigan cherries add texture to this unique chocolate bar.

African Red Tea and Tart Cherry Exotic Chocolate Bar
African rooibos tea + dried Michigan cherries + 45% cacao deep milk chocolate

Net weight: 3 oz
Consume within 18 months.

Manufactured in a facility that handles tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, milk, wheat and soy.



Rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) is a flowering shrub that hails from the Cedarberg mountain region of South Africa, about 150 miles north of Capetown. Rooibos tea leaves transform from green to red during the oxidation and drying process, developing a fruity, nutty flavor (and naturally caffeine free). In South Africa, rooibos is traditionally brewed and sipped with a slice of lemon and a touch of sugar. The tea's high levels of antioxidants are believed to be beneficial in treating digestive distress and allergies.



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Low on Cherry Flavor for Me    
The flavor of the cherry just wasn't very pronounced for me; I would have preferred more. Although I love drinking rooibos tea, the flavor of it in this bar just didn't do a thing for me...tasted almost stale/bland to me. I was disappointed because I really wanted to like this bar.
- Jennie W
It's okay    
This isn't one of my favorites, but I like it. It's not a stand-out. The chocolate is still so wonderfully smooth and flavorful, but this one isn't particularly special. I'm used to fantastic, so okay is disappointing.
- Rachel Landis
One of my favorites    
This is such a lovely bar. It's sweet, but in a very natural tasting way. It does not taste like extra sugar has been added. Let a small piece of creamy chocolate melt in your mouth and you get tiny, almost fizzy pieces or Rooibus tea and the softest pieces of cherry you've ever tasted. It is one of my favorite flavors.
- Vanessa
This is the BEST combination of flavors! Just enough cherries to balance the rooibos and wonderfully rich milk chocolate. My go-to treat for those times when only the best will do!
- mew
The Cherry on Top    
I was blessed with a gift of several Vosges Chocolate delights and told to keep the boxes and rate them. I really thought the Bapchi's Caramel Toffee, Blush Caramel, Amalfi Bar, or Sunshine Caramel would be my favs (all ranked high), but this Cherry Rooibos Bar stole the show! Creamy, dreamy, sweet milk chocolate, with a burst of cherry, and a slight, almost salty crunch (rooibos?) welcomed me. I LOVE this bar, and am a new Vosges fan. Thank you for the pleasure!
- Jess

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