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All Gifts - Couture Cocoa Sampler
All Gifts - Couture Cocoa Sampler
All Gifts - Couture Cocoa Sampler
All Gifts - Couture Cocoa Sampler
All Gifts - Couture Cocoa Sampler
All Gifts - Couture Cocoa Sampler
All Gifts - Couture Cocoa Sampler

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Can't choose just one? Give the gift of all three unique Couture Cocoa experiences. We've created 3-ounce sample sizes of La Parisienne, Aztec Elixir and Bianca together in one package. Sit back, relax and sip away.

2–3 servings per flavor depending on the chocolate density preferred.

Manufactured in a facility that handles tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, milk, wheat and soy.

Consume within 9 months.


"These three cocoas were the second collection I created. They were meant to be tried as a set or a flight, where you would taste your way from white to spice. Bianca's nose, the bouquet is heaven! If all I could do is smell this cocoa I would be a happy camper. The Aztec Elixir was the first chili and chocolate drink on the market and I remember how people were so wide eyed and disbelieving…until they took a sip. The ancho and chipotle chillies with bits of vanilla are so well complemented with the chocolate, it just warms me up. The vanilla sugar we make is truly my favorite part of drinking both the La Parisienne and the Aztec Elixir. Instead of just using an extract I like EATING the vanilla bean itself. In fact, the vanilla bean flavor is in the pods not the little seeds, so when you have a sip of the cocoas you actually bite into small bits of vanilla bean and chew. The texture is somewhat similar to coconut."
"It is always flattering to receive praise from the gurus of the culinary world. Wattleseed Exotic Ice Cream was chosen as a must-try food in 2007 by Food and Wine Magazine and Everyday with Rachael Ray voted our La Parisienne the number one drinking chocolate out of 75 contenders."

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Perfect gift!    
I bought this for myself and a family member as a thank you gift. This was one of the best presents I could think of for her and he drinking chocolate loving fiance. He definitely loved them as did I when I tried them. Being able to try all three flavors didn't help me to choose a favorite because I loved them all.
- Shannon
A Must Have!    
Decisions, decisions! This is a nice sampling if you cannot pick just one. I look forward to winter knowing this is in my pantry. Definitely a must have for those cold winter days even though served chilled is just as delightful.
- Kathy

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