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Grande Gifts / Exotic Caramel Collection - 2 Tier Hatbox

Grande Gifts - Exotic Caramel Collection - 2 Tier Hatbox
Grande Gifts - Exotic Caramel Collection - 2 Tier Hatbox
Grande Gifts - Exotic Caramel Collection - 2 Tier Hatbox
Grande Gifts - Exotic Caramel Collection - 2 Tier Hatbox
Grande Gifts - Exotic Caramel Collection - 2 Tier Hatbox
Grande Gifts - Exotic Caramel Collection - 2 Tier Hatbox
Grande Gifts - Exotic Caramel Collection - 2 Tier Hatbox
Grande Gifts - Exotic Caramel Collection - 2 Tier Hatbox
Grande Gifts - Exotic Caramel Collection - 2 Tier Hatbox
Grande Gifts - Exotic Caramel Collection - 2 Tier Hatbox
Grande Gifts - Exotic Caramel Collection - 2 Tier Hatbox

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Exotic Caramel Collection, 18 pieces in assorted parfums. One part comfort, one part couture, a gift everyone will adore.

Inside this 2-tier hatbox lies pure, butter-soft caramels infused with parfums from Brazil nuts to hibiscus and blood oranges. One bite and flirting with your inner wild child begins. parfums include: Exotic Caramel flavors include:

(2) Red Hawaiian Salt
(2) Maple Sugar + Walnut
(2) Blood Orange Hibiscus
(4) Pecan + Bee pollen
(2) Pecan+ Turbinado Sugar
(2) Cocoa Nib + Brazil Nut
(2) Pink Peppercorn + Tart Cherry
(2) Cardamom + Rose

Collection includes: Red Hawaiian Sea Salt + 45% cacao deep milk chocolate Maple Sugar + Walnuts + 62% cacao dark chocolate + Vermont Maple Syrup Blood Orange + Bitter Orange Liqeur + 62% cacao dark chocolate + Hibiscus Powder Pecan + Vanilla Extract + 45% cacao deep milk chocolate + Bee Pollen Pecan & Turbinado Sugar caramels: Pecan + Vanilla Extract + 45% cacao deep milk chocolate + Turbinado Sugar Brazil Nuts + Cocoa Nibs + 62% cocoa dark chocolate Pink Peppercorns + 62% cacao dark chocolate + Freeze Dried Cherries Rose Water + Tupelo Honey + 62% cacao dark chocolate + Cardamom Powder
Contains: Contains: Brazil Nuts, Pecans, Milk, Soy, and Walnuts. Processed in equipment that also processes Milk, Soy, Peanuts and Tree Nuts 7.5oz 6.5" x 3.25"
Consume within 8 wks


"After hearing my Uncle John talk of our Exotic Caramels being passed around the table at dinner parties, I decided to acclimatize the packaging to serve as an instant swivel display for a migniardise tasting. This collection includes my favorite, unique pairings from Meyer lemon spritzers to Scotch and plums. Thanks JG!"
Try a Caramel Pairing at your next soirée

Savor our Maple caramel alongside steaming Canadian maple-cured bacon. True Canadian bacon is not precooked or smoked and arrives rolled in golden cornmeal. Some Americans still refer to it as peameal bacon.

Follow a bite of the Verde caramel with a shot of Mezcal from Oaxaca. Not to be confused with tequila, the distinctive smoky taste of Mezcal comes from baking agave nectar in underground wood ovens.

Taste the Blush caramel with fresh pluots (pronounced plu-oohs)—juicy plum-esque bites complement this salted caramel. Pluots are one part plum and one part apricot with smooth skin.

Pucker up to our Tart caramel with a tall glass of fresh blood orange juice and Campari on the rocks. Slice open a blood orange and lick the sweet-tart juice of their magenta-colored flesh.

Pair the Leather caramel with room temperature bubbly sparkling water and a squeeze of Meyer lemon. The citrus notes of the cocoa nibs exercise their presence with this mildly acidic fruit, delicate cacao sings.

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My absolute favorite caramels! They melt in your mouth and have great depth of flavor. Yum!
- Nicole Monte
A splendid foray into exotic candy    
Among Vosges' various offerings, I find the two-tier hatbox of exotic caramels to be the best way to open vistas of new candy exploration for friends who have never tried anything beyond the ordinary. Familiar and comfortable choices like dulce de leche with cashews or honey caramel ease in the novice, tempting them to branch into more adventurous offerings like "Tart" (hibiscus, blood orange and Campari) or "Rosey" (rose and pink peppercorn). The two-tier hatbox is also reasonably affordable and compact, so you can offer it to new chocolate students without intimidating them - and you can get a second for yourself to enjoy while you hear about it from them.
- Neal Stidham
So delicious    
My husband gave this to me as a change from the usual box of 16-truffles, and I'm so glad I got it. I ate them all and didn't share any! They were too good!
- Kelly P
Best caramels ever!    
Caramels--my favorite food. And these are some of the best I have had, which I have all over the world. Great texture combination of chewy and melty across the variety. Wonderful flavors. Rabbit caramels are terrific too.
- Christine McCarthy
Exotic Caramel Collection is Scrumptious!    
I am an official caramel and chocolate fanatic. I never shy away from trying the newest combinations of flavors and textures. This is by far the best collection of exotic caramels I have ever tasted. I love the unique flavor combinations that are always balanced perfectly. The caramels are so soft, they literally melt in your mouth. You will not be disappointed with these delectable treats!!
- Kelly Patrick
These caramels are the best. We bought 2 boxes so that my husband and I could enjoy the same one at the same time and then discuss what we enjoyed most about it. We love this one!!!
- melissa
Blood orange caramels best    
These were good but I guess I had super high expectations. Most of them were too subtle in flavor except for the salty caramel which I thought could have been half as salty. I did love the blood orange caramel though; I could have had a whole box of just those ones!
- Alesha Holley
Best Caramels Ever!!    
I love these caramels. They have unique flavors that I haven't seen anywhere else. Great for a gift!
- Jennifer
Heavenly Decadence    
While Vosges has presentation down to a science with their signature purple boxes and bows, there is just something particularly magical about the way the tiers of this box unfold, revealing the caramel gems inside. With the beautiful spread before you, each flavorful, sweet and salty bite just enhances the joy of the experience. Pure bliss!
- Lisa S
Amazing collection    
These caramels are amazing. This is perfect for anyone who wants a variety. Also great for sharing. The only question that comes to mind is why are the "rosey" and "leaf" caramels not available for single purchase like the others? In my opinion they were better than the rest. (All of them were good.)
- Archer
Not my favorite    
I received these caramels as an early Christmas gift. I have eaten Vosges chocolates for years now and expected these to be just as amazing as the truffles and bars I have eaten in the past. They were not. The flavor profiles and combinations were exotic and enjoyable - my problem was with the caramel itself. It was much too firm. I could hardly bite into a piece without it shattering the surrounding chocolate. The review I read of these that stated the caramel melted in the mouth was the opposite of my experience. I needed more creaminess and less chewiness. A disappointment.
- JR
My mom received these as a gift and shared them with me. Absolutely wonderful caramels! And the elegant presentation box just adds to the enjoyment. I will keep these in mind to purchase when I need a special gift for someone.
- Sandy

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