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Easter / Exotic Truffle Collection, 16 pieces

Easter - Exotic Truffle Collection, 16 pieces

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Exotic Truffle Collection, 16 pieces

Embark on a trip around the world with the Exotic Truffle Collection, our signature collection and best seller! Each purple box is hand-tied with a satin bow and includes an enclosure booklet describing the flavors and telling our unique truffle stories. A gluten-free gift!

Parfums include:
(1) Oaxaca: guajillo y pasilla chillies +75% cacao Tanzanian dark chocolate + pumpkin seeds
(1) Chef Pascal: kirsch + 62% cacao dark chocolate + dried Michigan cherry
(1) Gianduia: crunchy hazelnut praline + 45% cacao deep milk chocolate
(1) Woolloomooloo: Australian macadamia nuts + coconut + 45% cocao deep milk chocolate
(1) Ambrosia: Australian macadamia nuts + Cointreau + 36% cocoa butter white chocolate
(1) Viola 45% cacao deep milk chocolate + candied violet flower
(1) Absinthe: Chinese star anise + fennel + absinthe + 62% cacao dark chocolate + cocoa powder
(2) Naga®: sweet Indian curry + coconut + 45% cacao deep milk chocolate
(1) Wink of the Rabbit®: soft caramel + 45% cacao milk chocolate + organic New Mexican pecan
(2) Black Pearl®: ginger + wasabi + 62% cacao dark chocolate + black sesame seeds
(2) Budapest: sweet Hungarian paprika + 62% cacao dark chocolate
(1) Soul & Motown: sweet churned cultured butter ganache + Fleur de Sel sea salt + 45% cacao deep milk chocolate
(1) Funk & Disco: banana pudding + vanilla powder + 45% cacao deep milk chocolate


Processed on equipment that also processes Milk, Soy, Peanuts and Tree Nuts.

Consume within 14 days.


"My first truffle collection, the birth of Vosges®, and the origin of Travel the World through Chocolate™ lies within the Exotic Truffle Collections. After returning from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and a trip around the world, I began to use chocolate as my medium to recount the adventures of my travels. After you unravel the purple bow, the wanderlust begins…where do you want to go? Nagaland is vibrant with curry, macadamia nuts beckon to Australia. Relish in Chinese star anise, reminiscent of the forbidden green absinthe of days long past. Open your senses and experience the culture, take a bite and imagine what it is like to stand on the streets of Shanghai. Milk, white or dark chocolate first? I suggest starting with white, but break the rules and follow your instincts. Be a rolling stone…."

peace, love + chocolate


Key to the Culture: Still the ultimate culinary destination; a place where pastries are presented like fashion collections, where the celebration of eating is ingrained in even the youngest citizens, where markets are open every day and the smallest hole-in-the-wall may surprise with superb cuisine.

Indulge...in a meal at one of the city's newest Michelin-crowned venues: Auguste and Le Pur' Grill.

Learn...about vin with renowned winemaker Bernard Magrez, who owns thirty-five vineyards around the world, at his two-year old shop (advance sign-up required).

Taste...daily changing dishes at Spring, the restaurant of American ex-pat Daniel Rose that has garnered rave reviews from French and foreign critics. Reserve months in advance for the tiny 16-seater in the ninth arrondissement.

Explore...Paris on a Vélib, the city-wide bike rental service, which offers ultra-low rates and do-it-yourself pick-up stands in every arrondissement.

Understand...that here waiting tables is not a job for out-of-work actors but for trained professionals. They will not introduce themselves or chit-chat with you, but will have an exhaustive knowledge of the menu, anything from the origins of ingredients to the manner in which they are prepared.

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