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Administrative Professionals Day / Dark Chocolate Truffle Collection, 32 pieces

Administrative Professionals Day - Dark Chocolate Truffle Collection, 32 pieces

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Here rests a most passionate box for chocolate lovers who like their bonbons only one way- dark. These truffles range from 65% to 75% cacao. This collection includes truffles from our Italiano, Aztec, Groove and Exotic truffle collections. 32 piece box includes:

Oaxaca (2), Chef Pascal (2), Absinthe (2), Black Pearl® (4), Budapest (4), Red Fire (4), Tlan Nacu (4), Polline di Finocchio (2), Balsamico (2), Jazz (2), Rap (4)

Manufactured in a facility that handles tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, milk, wheat and soy.

Consume within 10 days

SKU: TC-DAR-032  

"I have found many people to be very passionate about their chocolate, dark lovers most especially! This dark collection merges truffles from our Exotic, Italian, Groove and Aztec Collections through a deep dark chocolate tasting experience, ranging from 65% to 75% cacao. Delve into how the flowers, roots, herbs and spices play with dark chocolate from around the world."

Plan a Wine and Chocolate Soirée and try the Black Pearl dark chocolate truffle with ginger, wasabi and black sesame seeds + a rich Italian red from the Campania region heady with tannin, dark fruit and earth qualities imparted by the Aglianico grape OR the Chef Pascal dark chocolate truffle with kirsch brandy ganache and a dried Michigan cherry + Swanson Vineyard's Alexis wine, a beguiling, fruit-laden Cabernet Sauvignon blend.


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Fantastic Gift!!    
We got these for my dad & are getting them again. He is such a chocolate lover, and picky too, and he looked like he was 5 years old again when he got this box. He is still talking about it, and he is generally a man of few words. He shared some, and they left us all wanting more. This is such a great gift!! Don't miss it.
- Ingrid

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