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Easter / 3 Moon Chocolate Lunar Club

Easter - 3 Moon Chocolate Lunar Club
Easter - 3 Moon Chocolate Lunar Club
Easter - 3 Moon Chocolate Lunar Club

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Eat chocolate under the light of the full moon! A chocolate collection arrives for three months just before the full moon with an enclosure card that details the significance of each lunar cycle, a chocolate ritual and an original recipe by Katrina Markoff.
Exotic Truffle Collection, 9 pieces
Caramel Marshmallows, 9 pieces
Library of Exotic Chocolate Bars, 6 bars

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"Growing up in Fort Wayne, Indiana, I spent many nights outside under the moon, mesmerized by its energy and many forms. Today, wineries and farmers are returning to biodynamic farming which times key planting and harvesting activities to the phases of the moon and cosmological cycles. Makes you think about when your tomatoes really want to be plucked."
– Katrina
2016 Full Moon Calendar

- Rowan Moon 1/24/2016
- Ash Moon 2/22/2016
- Alder Moon 3/23/2016
- Willow Moon 4/22/2016
- Hawthorn Moon 5/21/2016
- Oak Moon 6/20/2016
- Holly Moon 7/20/2016
- Hazel Moon 8/18/2016
- Vine Moon 9/16/2016
- Ivy Moon 10/16/2016
- Reed Moon 11/14/2016
- Elder Moon 12/14/2016

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