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Dark Chocolate / 6 Moon Dark Club Haut-Chocolat

Dark Chocolate - 6 Moon Dark Club Haut-Chocolat
Dark Chocolate - 6 Moon Dark Club Haut-Chocolat
Dark Chocolate - 6 Moon Dark Club Haut-Chocolat

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Eat chocolate under the light of the full moon! Six Month Lunar Club collections arrive with an enclosure card that details the significance of each lunar cycle and chocolate ritual.

September 8, 2014
hazel moon

Mini Bar Library, Dark Bars only

November 6, 2014
ivy moon

The Noble Pig Chocolate Bar Library

January 15, 2015
birch moon

Dark Truffle Collection, 9 truffles

March 16, 2014
ash moon

Caramel Marshmallows, 9 pieces

May 14, 2014
willow moon

5 Mirabelle and 4 Rose Vert Truffles, dark chocolate only

July 12 2014
oak moon

Champagne Truffle Collection, 16 pieces

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"Growing up in Fort Wayne, Indiana, I spent many nights outside under the moon, mesmerized by its energy and many forms. Today, wineries and farmers are returning to biodynamic farming which times key planting and harvesting activities to the phases of the moon and cosmological cycles. Makes you think about when your tomatoes really want to be plucked."
– Katrina
Rumors abound about a Full Moon Party at the Surfside Shack in Apple Bay, featuring as its star Mr. Bomba himself, the grand chef of the infamous Midnight Tea. The composition of this strange brew? Visitors are warned! What is known is that the brew contains rum (lots of it) and local fruit juices, and that it bubbles away in a cauldron across the road from the Shack itself, a ramshackle aggregate of aluminium sidings, planks, graffitied plywood and other bits of construction material. A blissful haze of rum and fruit juice, dancing feet on sand, lapping waves and sweet soothing reggae rhythms promise to sweep you away into the tropical night, carrying you through until the sun rises over the waves...Need we say more? Bomba's Surf Shack, located on Tortola (Bristish Virgin Islands) holds this monthly extravaganza on Full Moon nights.

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