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Stocking Stuffers / Luscious Vegan Truffle Collection

Stocking Stuffers - Luscious Vegan Truffle Collection

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Could the word "vegan" summon a notion of decadence and lusciousness? The rustic simplicity of the cacao bean combines with rich coconut milk (in lieu of cream), agave nectar and dried fruit powder to create 2 truffles of unparalleled allure. You may be challenged to decide which is better: a chocolate truffle with fresh cream or one without.

Each 12 piece box includes 6 each of the following flavors:

Coconut Vegan Truffle
100% dark chocolate ganache blended with organic agave nectar and organic coconut milk and rolled in organic coconut flakes

Açaí Vegan Truffle
100% cacao dark chocolate ganache blended with organic agave nectar, Brazilian açaí and organic coconut milk and rolled in pomegranate powder

Net weight: 3.6 oz.
Consume within 2 weeks.

VEGAN product containing no animal or dairy ingredients.

Manufactured in a facility that handles tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, milk, wheat and soy.

SKU: TC-VEG-012  

The idea of a vegan truffle has been stirring within for some time as I am a frequent spa-goer and a fan of the master cleanse – so a vegan program is no stranger to me. I felt even more compelled toward the vegan side of things when at Le Cordon Bleu we dealt with every offal, trotter and tongue you could imagine. I often feel caught and suspended, between two worlds. One side is drawn to the decadence of haute cuisine, the indulgence in sumptuous traditions of foie gras and duck fat; while my other half is pulled towards clean, healthy, spare-the-animal, super food love.

It is likely that on a recent trip to We Care Spa in Desert Palm Springs and a visit to the island of free hippie clean eating Kauai, that the reminder and call from the mighty cacao in its purest form hit me over the head. And so my two sides crossed like a solar eclipse. A set of dark chocolate, vegan truffles packed with super foods…Could it be?


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It is pretty difficult to find high end treats for vegans. These are luscious and decadent!
- felicia

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