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Vosges Chocolate

All Holiday Gifts / Sri Lankan Coconut & Curry Bar

All Holiday Gifts - Sri Lankan Coconut & Curry Bar
All Holiday Gifts - Sri Lankan Coconut & Curry Bar

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Sri Lankan Coconut & Curry Chocolate Bar

Breathe...see...smell...snap...bite...sense...guided tasting
notes inside.

Named and inspired by the tribes of Northeast India, taste the flavors of deep milk chocolate, sweet Indian curry, nutty coconut and an overall sensation of warm, rounded spice.

Sri Lankan Coconut & Curry Bar parfum includes:
sweet Indian curry + coconut + 45% cacao deep milk chocolate

Net weight: 3oz.
Consume within 15 months


Manufactured in a facility that handles tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, milk, wheat and soy.


"Inspired by a necklace from the Nagaland tribes of Northeast India and the fertile landscapes, I naturally conjured up thoughts and dreams of curry. This was my first Vosges flavor created—a beautiful balance of spiciness, sweetness and color."

Key to the Culture: Majestic, exotic and devastating at the same time, India is a place that overwhelms both the heart and the senses. The visitor departs with images of great beauty and despair, with colors so bright that they seem otherworldly, and—always—with the resolve to return.

Taste...some of India's most flavorful food in culinary Lucknow, the capital of northern Utter Pradesh. Downtown restaurant Tunday Kababi serves up melt-in-your-mouth kebabs and shirmal (saffron-scented bread); local shop Ram Asrey offers a great variety of sweets. Jaipur, a top destination for precious gems. Less-known than the famous Gem Palace is Bhandari Jewellers, which has in-house craftsmen. Chic Hot Pink, in a lovely garden setting, was founded by French jeweler Marie-Hélène de Taillac. the central state of Madya Pradesh, home to the world's greatest concentration of tigers. Taj Hotels and renowned tour operator CC Africa run four exceptional tented camps near the state's best national parks. the experience of staying in a Rajasthani-style tent at the sumptuous Oberoi Rajvilas, in Jaipur, that come with hand-embroidered ceilings, sitting rooms and shaded terraces.

Get to know...Anita Raina Thapan, who teaches advance yoga classes in the light-filled studio at her home in Delhi.

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Who knew    
I never thought that curry and chocolate could go so well together. If you like both then you will love this bar. It is truly an exotic chocolate bar.
- Rosa
An enticing, subtly spiced blend    
Of course the chocolate is creamy and authentic, not overly sweet and heavenly as always. That is the first impression. And then the subtle, warm taste of curry arises, adding a bit of exoticness to the chocolate. The fine bits of coconut add a touch of texture and hint of tropical flavor. Even if you are not familiar with curry, you may enjoy this bar's flavor, as did my 75 year old mother and 80 year old uncle.
- Marilyn
My Favorite    
This is the bar I crave most often. Fantastic!
- Laura
I love them all, but this is my favorite    
The complexity of curry, the texture of coconut and the rich, not-too-sweet milk chocolate.... Every day has room in it for a Naga experience. It only takes a small piece to transport you.
- Cherrie
This is the purest form of sensation I've ever found. In sampling this divine bar, every sense you possess is enriched and brought to life...from the vision of the texture and color of the silky chocolate, to the feel as it melts just slightly between your warm fingers...and then, the aroma...the unctuousness of the chocolate, the bite of the curry and the way the floral of the coconut floats somewhere between he two. But the best of all takes place once you take a bite...the aroma fills your head as you inhale with each bite...the silky creaminess caresses your tongue as the flavor pings on each area of your taste buds. I've not experienced anything better, but still long for a Naga ice cream...the one thing that could possibly better this delightful gem.
- HollyB
Pleasantly Surprised.    
This was my first experience with curry. I was pleasantly surprised at the sweet flavor. The coconut was subtle and the chocolate was great.
- Rachel Landis
Naga bliss    
Vosges' Naga Bar is my favorite of the line. The creamy Naga chocolate, warmed with a hint of curry and textured with bits of tiny, crunchy coconut flakes, is exotic heaven. Just spicy enough to delight, these milky chocolate bars melt just as they should. Once you unwrap one and take in its amazing aroma, you'll know you won't want to share.
- Liz Ceron
Amazing chocolate!    
I consider myself a chocolate snob and was a bit skeptical when a friend bought me several of the mini chocolate bars. I was instantly in love! This one was my favorite, with the amazing spice of the curry. Thank you for making exceptional chocolate!
- Amh

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