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New! / New! Holiday Truffle Collection, 12 pieces

New! - New! Holiday Truffle Collection, 12 pieces
New! - New! Holiday Truffle Collection, 12 pieces
New! - New! Holiday Truffle Collection, 12 pieces

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Holiday Truffle Collection, 12 pieces
Deck the halls with our NEW Limited Edition 12 piece Holiday Truffle Collection of seasonal chocolate parfums designed to lure your palate into the holiday spirit. Each box includes an enclosure card that details the story behind its inspiration.

Holiday Truffle parfums include:
  • - (2) Marrone Pistacchio: Italian chestnuts + Sicily's Bronte pistachios + 45% cacao deep milk chocolate
  • - (2) Holiday Plum Pudding: plum + Armagnac + marzipan + 65% cacao dark chocolate
  • - (2) Peppermint Candy Cane: peppermint candy cane + 65% cacao dark chocolate
  • - (2) Eggnog & Jamaican Rum: Appleton® Estate Jamaican rum + Grenadian nutmeg + ginger + Dominican white chocolate
  • - (2) Smoked Cinnamon Praline Truffle
  • - (2) Holiday Scotch Pine Truffle

  • Net Weight: 4.8oz
    Consume within 2 weeks.

    Contains: Milk and soy

    Manufactured in a facility that handles tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, milk, wheat and soy

    SKU: TC-HOL-PUR-012

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The ingredients list on this sucked me in immediately, and I knew I had to try the collection. So of course I pre-ordered, and was not disappointed. This is, hands-down, the absolute best Vosges collection I have ever had the exquisite pleasure of trying. And mind you, I've tried a lot of the collections over the years (even the Italian one when it was still called the Vincent Gallo collection). The balance of flavors in each of the four truffles is just...perfect. I highly recommend it. And Vosges--please do not tinker with these--they are awesome as-is! I hope they bring the collection back every year.
- Yola

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