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Milk Chocolate Truffles / Piemonte Hazelnut Crunchy Pralines

Milk Chocolate Truffles - Piemonte Hazelnut Crunchy Pralines
Milk Chocolate Truffles - Piemonte Hazelnut Crunchy Pralines
Milk Chocolate Truffles - Piemonte Hazelnut Crunchy Pralines
Milk Chocolate Truffles - Piemonte Hazelnut Crunchy Pralines
Milk Chocolate Truffles - Piemonte Hazelnut Crunchy Pralines

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12 piece I.G.P. Piemonte Hazelnut Crunchy Pralines
For those who adore pralines, hazelnuts and Italian dolci, these decadent bonbons will be your new found wont. 45% cocoa deep milk chocolate matches the rich, Piemonte hazelnuts while crispy crepes add a light crunch. Adornments of gold leaf, crispy carrot threads, cocoa nibs & candied violets crown each bonbon and provide a unique texture and point of differentiation on the palate.

I.G.P. Piemonte Hazelnuts
Close your eyes, inhale, take a bite and travel to Piemonte, Italy - home of the world's finest hazelnuts. I.G.P. Piemonte Hazelnuts are the highest quality and most premium caliber hazelnuts that are grown in the Piemonte region in northern Italy. The blending of these prized hazelnuts and chocolate is an age-old Italian tradition.

Contains: Hazelnuts, milk, wheat and soy.

Manufactured in a facility that handles tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, milk, wheat and soy.

Consume within 5 months.
Net weight: 4.5oz

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Piemonte hazelnuts, grown in the town of Novi Ligure in the Piedmont region of Italy, are of the highest quality in the world. To be classified as a prestigious "Nocciola Piemonte," each geographically protected Corylus tree must meet a finite microbiological specification in order to produce nuts worthy of the title. Given its unique characteristics, this spheroidal nut cannot be emulated, leaving no chance of fraudulent traceability to its native region. Blending these regional nuts with chocolate is an age-old Italian tradition, refashioned in our new 12 piece Piemonte Hazelnut Praline Bonbons. Decadent Piemonte Hazelnut milk chocolate truffles are adorned with assorted accoutrements of gold leaf, crispy carrot threads, cocoa nibs & candied violets.

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Just bought this collection and I have a new favorite. It's amazing!
- Fran
Seriously Addicted    
This is like a decadent, luxurious version of a Ferrero Rocher ball, but it's SO much better! I'm truly addicted to these truffles, and I love all the toppings. They have a crispiness to them that is just right. I could eat them all in one sitting...
- Nina
OMG Hazelnut Truffles    
It truly doesn't get better than this! if you find it please let me know! Katrine is the Queen of chocolates with this favorite Hazelnut box of Truffles. My husband and I tried them when they first came out and my friend at Vosges, Andrew, the manager of all boutiques told me to order these and thank goodness for him because we are now in love with this box and it's because of Katrina & those managers like Andrew. Thanks, we love you & this type chocolates.
- M Marcus
Newly Divine Addiction    
I am friends with the manager of Vosges so I always get tips on the new products and this was one of them. My husband and I are now on our third box of these. We ordered one box the first time and then two and froze one as our backup. Our plan has worked well so far. We never allow ourselves to eat more than two truffles at a time so they are being eaten at a moderate rate that way we can enjoy them more by keeping them around longer. If you want a tip on the best of Vosges this is it and we have been eating chocolates from here for TEN PLUS YEARS. Yes Oprah we beat you on this one too.
- Miriam Spectre Marcus
Piemonte Hazelnut Crunchy Pralines    
We ordered out first box of these on the recommendation of one of your Concierge. After getting it we had it polished off in five days even after trying to ration the Pralines. So our next order was two boxes one we ate and the other we put in the freezor for a later date. I warn you these are absolutely addictive but soooo good.
- miriam Spectre Marcus
With Hazelnut Bon Bons You're in Heaven    
It absolutely doesn't get better than this! These special Hazelnut Bon Bons are the real things that stars must have eaten to be happy and secure with themselves because these do that for me. I just received these yesterday as a gift and was totally surprised and thrilled. These are my favorite chocolates in the range of goodies by Vosges. These just do something wonderful for me and I think it's called contented bliss, I want to take them to my bubble bath and eat them as I relax in the tub. Decadence, perhaps?
- Miriam Spectre Marcus

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