Vosges Gourmet Luxury Chocolate Gifts under $25 - Bianca Couture Cocoa Single

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Gifts $25 and Under / Bianca Couture Cocoa Single

Gifts $25 and Under - Bianca Couture Cocoa Single
Gifts $25 and Under - Bianca Couture Cocoa Single
Gifts $25 and Under - Bianca Couture Cocoa Single

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Lemon myrtle, indigenous to Australia, imparts an exhilarating breadth of flavors reminiscent of lemongrass and kaffir lime. A hint of lavender flower yields a floral bouquet while the citrus notes of lemon myrtle cut the sweetness of white chocolate.

Bianca Couture Cocoa single: Australian lemon myrtle + lavender flowers + vanilla + white chocolate


Manufactured in a facility that handles tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, milk, wheat and soy.

Consume within 9 months

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"These three cocoas were the second collection I created. They were meant to be tried as a set or a flight, where you would taste your way from white to spice. Bianca's nose, the bouquet is heaven! If all I could do is smell this cocoa I would be a happy camper. The Aztec Elixir was the first chili and chocolate drink on the market and I remember how people were so wide eyed and disbelieving…until they took a sip. The ancho and chipotle chillies with bits of vanilla are so well complemented with the chocolate, it just warms me up. The vanilla sugar we make is truly my favorite part of drinking both the La Parisienne and the Aztec Elixir. Instead of just using an extract I like EATING the vanilla bean itself. In fact, the vanilla bean flavor is in the pods not the little seeds, so when you have a sip of the cocoas you actually bite into small bits of vanilla bean and chew. The texture is somewhat similar to coconut."
You may liken our rich, frothy drinking chocolate to a sip-able truffle, if one were to exist. Liquid infusions of exotic spices will transport you to the hills of Australia with aromas of lemon myrtle or to Oaxaca's Monte Alban with ancho and chipotle chillies. Ponder Café de Flores as you nibble the bits of vanilla bean in our thick Parisian style chocolat chaud. Froth hot potions with our hand-carved Mexican Molinillo or pour brewed and chilled cocoa into a martini shaker and serve straight up.

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bianca drinking chocolate review    
We heard your drinking chocolate was the best. Seriously? The Bianca was vile! It tasted and smelled like bad perfume. It also has a vomit like color to it which makes it a lot worse than it needs to be.
- bianca
I kinda love it    
I agree that the Bianca smells of perfume, but I find the exotic taste and smell combo of floral notes, citrus, vanilla and creamy white chocolate to be...well, an experience worth having over and over again. And there's always the Parisienne Cocoa for the less daring!
- Y.S.
smell the flowers    
Um, of course it smells perfumy - it has flowers and botanicals in it! Lavender is one of those flavors that people either love or hate. If you don't like floral flavors, don't buy this. If you do like lavender, I found the lavender to be well-balanced and not overpowering - the lemon myrtle is definitely the main flavor. The texture is much thicker than powdered "cocoa" mixed and very rich - a little goes a long way! I suggest serving it in little 2oz demitasse cups. A note on the color: cocoa butter is not white. It is off-white unless it is bleached (which the fine folk at Vosges do not do). Lemon myrtle is a (green) leaf so when infused it will turn the milk a light yellow color. This is what natural foods look like.
- ap
White chocolate beverages are hard to pull off; however, the Bianca drinking chocolate does a wonderful job of blending the sweet vanilla notes with the spice of lavender and some bright lemon from the myrtle. My family would buy this in bulk if we could.
- Amanda

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