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Gifts $25 - $50 / Mix 'n' Match Caramels

Gifts $25 - $50 - Mix 'n' Match Caramels
Gifts $25 - $50 - Mix 'n' Match Caramels
Gifts $25 - $50 - Mix 'n' Match Caramels
Gifts $25 - $50 - Mix 'n' Match Caramels
Gifts $25 - $50 - Mix 'n' Match Caramels
Gifts $25 - $50 - Mix 'n' Match Caramels

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Mix 'n' Match 6-piece Exotic Caramels

6-piece caramels in six exotic parfums to stash, savor and gift. Pick three - and get the fourth on us!*

Exotic Caramel parfums include:
Red Hawaiian Salt 6-piece Caramel Maple Sugar + Walnut 6-Piece Caramel Blood Orange Hibiscus 6-piece Caramel Pecan + Bee pollen + Turbinado Sugar 6-Piece Caramel Cocoa Nib + Brazil Nut 6-piece Caramel Pink Peppercorn + Tart Cherry 6-piece Caramel


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I love many of the chocolate bars and have highly recommended them to friends and family. I was in the process of buying the bacon bar when I saw the bacon caramel. I just had to have it and couldn't wait to try it. I don't know if it is supposed to taste like fish, but since the bar doesn't I highly doubt it. Waste of money, one of the worst things I have ever eaten. Maybe it was a bad batch, but I won't be trying it again to find out. Would not recommend.
- tlove
Delicious times a zillion    
OK - so maybe that is a bit over the top - but I absolutely adore these caramels. Blush, Maple, Bacon and Sunshine are all absolutely delish. I am not sure what the other reviewer is talking about with the "fish" taste. I haven't had that experience (thankfully!). I would suggest they try some of the other flavors. They get FIVE stars for yumminess, but I have to take off a star because they are pricey (worth a splurge now and then, honestly!). And if anyone wants to buy me some of this yumminess - Blush is my fav ;-)
- DanceMama

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