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Spring Gifts / Les Fleurs du Chocolat, 12 pieces

Spring Gifts - Les Fleurs du Chocolat, 12 pieces
Spring Gifts - Les Fleurs du Chocolat, 12 pieces
Spring Gifts - Les Fleurs du Chocolat, 12 pieces

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Les Fleurs du Chocolat, 12 pieces

When spring arrives, the world awakes in glorious bloom. Explore the wonderful, healthful essences of flowers in this spring truffle collection. Candied violets, nasturtium petals and marigold petals are just a few of the delightful touches of spring that crown the chocolate truffles within. Inside you will find a guidebook telling the tale of each organic botanical's health benefits to keep you fit as a fiddle.

Les Fleurs du Chocolat parfums include:
(3) New! Violette : blueberry + sea buckthorn oil + white chocolate ganache + 65% dark chocolate + crushed
candied violets
(3) Siam Citron: jasmine tea + lemongrass + fresh coconut + white chocolate + organic marigold petal
(3) Mirabelle Orange: mirabelle plums + orange flower water + 65% dark chocolate + organic nasturtium petal
(3) Platanos y Orchidus: orchid vanilla + caramelized bananas + Jamaican rum + 45% deep milk chocolate + organic purple orchid flower

Contains: Milk, soy, coconut.

Manufactured in a facility that handles tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, milk, wheat and soy.


Net Weight: 5 oz
Consume within 10 days


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Rotten Banana Instead of Floral Notes    
I feel bad when I leave a negative review for something from a company I normally love, but I think Vosges really, REALLY missed the mark with these truffles, especially compared to other truffle boxes I have tried from them. I think the main problem with this chocolate box was that one flavor had banana in it, and so all the truffles in the box acquired a banana taste. Another disappoint for me was that the flowers on top of the truffles did not look as pretty as in the online pictures; the flowers were just squished on top of the truffles. A couple truffles were missing flowers, and by the indentations left on the truffles, I assume they had fallen off but were not in the box. Reviewing each flavor: - Platanos y Orchidus: I love bananas, but I hated these banana truffles, and after eating the first two of this flavor, I tried to eat the third and just had to spit it out. These truffles tasted like old banana and alcohol mixed in with chocolate. - Siam Citron: These truffles were mostly fantastic and hit all the description flavor notes of jasmine tea, lemongrass, and coconut (with a hint of something else - maybe the marigold) in a delicious white chocolate. The only problem was that they also had a hint of that rotten banana flavor. - Mirabelle Orange: To me, these tasted like dark chocolate with a hint of stale fruit cake (and also rotten bananas). I did not like this flavor at all. - Violette: I did like (or at least tolerate) these truffles (and they tasted the least like banana). The flavor of the dark chocolate was very good, but these truffles didn't really reflect the "parfums" mentioned in the description. I could hardly taste the violet flavor (the candied violet on top was very minimal), and the interior didn't look or taste like white chocolate ganache to me.
- Stephanie

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