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St. Patrick's Day / Mo's Cinnamon & Sugar Bacon Bar

St. Patrick's Day - Mo's Cinnamon & Sugar Bacon Bar

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Mo's® Cinnamon Sugar Bacon Bar

It was surely only a matter of time! Following the huge popularity of Mo's Bacon Bar in deep milk and in dark chocolate came the newest member of the exotic candy bar family. With the same hickory smoked bacon as its famous relatives, the beautifully rich 62% dark chocolate encases these tantalizing flavors along side the sweetness of the cinnamon sugar.

Sulfite-free hickory smoked bacon is baked in small batches before we hand chop it into fine nibbles. Cinnamon sugar perfectly compliments the sweetness of the chocolate.

Mo's Cinnamon Sugar Bacon Bar parfum includes:
Hickory smoked bacon + Ceylon cinnamon sugar + 62% dark chocolate

Net Weight: 3 oz
Consume within 18 months.


Manufactured in a facility that handles tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, milk, wheat and soy.



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MmmmMo's cinnamon & sugar bar    
I thoroughly enjoyed not just the candy bar but also the well-written instructions to enjoy an exotic chocolate bar which I followed to the T! I was able to savor it and make it last all week, but it's gone now and I must have another!!!
- Shelley Evans
Another Bacon Bar    
It wasn't that I didn't like it. I did. The problem I found with this was that it was too similar to the regular Mo's Bacon Bar. The cinnamon was muted. It was good, just pretty much the same as the original.
- Rachel
A little too gritty...    
This one was alright, but I think I'll stick to the basic Mo's bacon bar. The cinnamon didn't really add anything to the bar for me flavor wise. But I found the texture of the bar not as pleasant, due o the gritty nature of the cinnamon.
- Darren

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