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Sale / Barcelona Exotic Flop-Eared Bunny

Sale - Barcelona Exotic Flop-Eared Bunny
Sale - Barcelona Exotic Flop-Eared Bunny
Sale - Barcelona Exotic Flop-Eared Bunny

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Barcelona Exotic Flop-Eared Bunny

This deep milk chocolate bunny will win you over at first bite with its flop-ears, petite pouf tail and uniquely exotic interior of hickory smoked almonds and grey sea salt. A custom blend of milk chocolate, punctuated with just a touch of dark to deepen the flavor profile, captivates your palate when juxtaposed to just the right amount of mineral-rich sea salt and hickory smoked almonds. Each 2.5 ounce solid chocolate bunny arrives in its own box complete with a story of its origin.

Barcelona Exotic Flop-Eared Bunny parfum includes:
hickory smoked almonds + sea salt + 45% cacao milk chocolate

Shelf Life: 4 months.
GLUTEN-FREE product containing less than 20ppm of gluten.


"Everyone does an Easter bunny, so why not concoct a new spin with panache? I fell in love with the fun, flop-eared shape—small enough to give to my niece without worrying about a sugar overload, but with adult and kid friendly ingredients to please all-around. Of course I tucked a bit of travel inside; each exotic solid chocolate bunny was inspired by the origin of its ingredients and a REAL rabbit (or hare) native to the region."
Barcelona's famous La Boqueria market (sometimes referred to as Mercat de Sant Josep) is just a hop, skip and a jump from the famous Las Ramblas Boulevard. When winter thaws, you can find row upon row of colorful fresh fruits & vegetables here.

La Boqueria Market
89 Las Ramblas, Barcelona

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