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New! / Enchanted Toadstools

New! - Enchanted Toadstools

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Enchanted Toadstools

Hidden by the shade of the cacao trees, deep within the rain forest hides the Enchanted Mushroom of Wolakaloua. With a nibble off the first side of the Enchanted Mushroom or as some say, "toadstool," you will feel your blood begin to flow with a powerful boost of antioxidant immunity. Legend has it that should you eat an entire Enchanted Mushroom under the light of the full Alder Moon in April, immortality will be yours. Be careful what you wish for.

Enchanted Toadstools parfum include: 55% soft dark chocolate praline + organic Reishi mushroom + 36% cocoa white chocolate shell decorated with cocoa nibs

Net Weight: 2.5oz
Consume within 4 months
Contains: Milk, hazelnuts, soy.

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My new favorite    
These are simply wonderful. Melt in your mouth white chocolate, praline goodness. I am hoping these become a staple for Vosges because they are amazing.
- Sarah
The BEST out of our ten years of fine chocolates!    
My husband and I have been buying Vosges for ten years or since the first store opened in Chicago. We love everything, some like comfort food more than others depending on our tastes at the time we order. We always put in a nice order for Easter and this year's Bird Cage hit home so we have been enjoying looking at it on our armoire until we broke into it today. The toadstools are the BEST confection we have ever eaten..."you hear that Oprah!'
- Miriam Marcus

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