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New! / Easter Birdcage

New! - Easter Birdcage
New! - Easter Birdcage
New! - Easter Birdcage
New! - Easter Birdcage
New! - Easter Birdcage
New! - Easter Birdcage

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The Easter Birdcage Each metal birdcage arrives with one set of 3 Bacon Caramel Eggs, one set of 5 Wandering Rabbit Caramel Bonbons, one set of 9 Wandering Rabbit Truffles and one Petits Chocolats Tin Egg, tied with Orchid Purple Grosgrain ribbon.

Gift as an alternative to an Easter Basket or to the host of your Sunday brunch - bunnies never go out of style.

Easter Birdcage parfums include:
Bacon Caramel Eggs, 3pc:
Soft bacon caramel + 55% cacao dark chocolate

Wandering Rabbit Truffles, 9pc:

Luella Rabbit: Sicilian pistachio cream + 44% deep milk chocolate

Emma Rabbit: Pureed Piemonte Hazelnut paste + lightly crunchy fuellitine + 44% deep milk chocolate

Wandering Rabbit Caramel Bonbons, 5pc:
Soft butter caramel + lemon zest + dehydrated strawberries + 36% cocoa butter white chocolate

Petits Chocolats Tin Egg:
(3) Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt Caramel Bonbons: Pink Himalayan salt + burnt sugar caramel + 70% cacao dark chocolate
(2) Blood Orange Caramel Bonbons: Blood Orange + Campari + burnt sugar caramel + hibiscus flowers + 70% cacao dark chocolate


"What better a way to keep sustainability on the mind than a reusable, metal birdcage filled with chocolate! The options for re-purposing this stylish little cage are endless. Hang it on your porch to feature a fresh pot of flowers. Use it as a "frame" for your child's new artwork each week. Arrange a collection of candles inside and place it at the center of your Easter brunch spread (or for any dinner party)." -Katrina

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what a treat!    
i set this out for Easter last year and it was a hit. The kids ran around the yard looking for eggs while the adults sat on the patio enjoying coffee and Vosges, the birdcage is now in my daughters room acting as decoration
- Annie

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