Chocolate Rubbed Ribs

Combine sweet and savory with a BBQ favorite, complete with a chocolate twist. Serves 4.
Prep Time: 2 Hours Cook Time: 2.5 Hours

Vosges Gourmet Chocolate Recipe - Chocolate Rubbed Ribs


    3 baby back ribs
      Dry rub:
    • ¼ cup Balinese peppercorn or telicherry
    • 1/3 cup kosher salt
    • 1/3 cup brown sugar
    • ¼ cup cocoa powder
    • 1 tbsp smoked paprika
    • 1 tsp chipotle
    • 1 tsp garlic salt

      • Harold-Inspired Vosges Haut-Chocolat BBQ Sauce
        • 1 medium onion minced
        • 2 tbsp sunflower oil
        • 1 dried ancho chili
        • 1 1/2 tsp smoked salt
        • 1 1/2 tsp crushed telicherry peppercorns (coarse ground)
        • 1 cup apple cider vinegar (organic)
        • 28 oz. Canned whole tomatoes (organic)
        • 8 oz. Tomato sauce, organic
        • 1/4 cup Honey
        • 2 tbsp molasses
        • 1/4 cup dark molasses brown sugar
        • 1 tbsp exquisite grade sweet Hungarian paprika
        • 2 teaspoon cumin powder
        • 2 oz Red Fire Chocolate Bar
        • 1/2 cup orange juice (freshly squeeze)
        • 1 cup cilantro leaves

Katrina's Inspiration

"For years, we have had a grumpy UPS driver named Harold. Every now and again on a lighter day his levity comes out in a jestful joke, "Hey, you need to sell some chocolate ribs. How about making chocolate ribs?" Little did he know, chocolate invades ALL food groups in my kitchen! The dark chocolate rub soon emerged and found a wonderful compliment to the pork ribs. Top the ribs with Harold-Inspired Vosges Haut-Chocolat BBQ Sauce."


  • 1. Preheat the oven to 300F.
  • 2. Mix dry rub ingredients together.
  • 3. Coat your baby back ribs on both sides with dry rub.
  • 4. Place ribs in a baking sheet (can overlap).
  • 5. Fill with water half way up the pan and seal tightly with aluminum foil.
  • 6. Cook for 2 hours. Done in advance, keep the ribs wrapped in aluminum foil as they cool.

  • 7. Turn on the grill or light up the hard wood charcoal.
  • 8. Place ribs over medium heat, bone-side down.
  • 9. Cook for 5 min. Flip the ribs, and with a brush, baste them with haut-chocolat chocolate barbecue sauce.
  • 10. Continue to shellac them a few more times until well sauced and crispy.
  • 11. Remove from heat, place on a platter, brush again with Haut-Chocolat BBQ sauce and cover with aluminum foil until ready.
  • 12. Cut ribs into individual pieces and serve with extra sauce.

  • Ribs may be grilled up to 1 day ahead and refrigerated, in which case do not brush extra sauce at the end. Wait until you heat through the next day and finish with a hefty brushing of chocolate BBQ sauce.

Harold Inspired Haut-Chocolat BBQ Sauce
  • 1. Heat oil in a large, heavy-bottom saucepan over medium heat.
  • 2. Saute onions and ancho chili pepper until golden brown (about 10 minutes).
  • 3. De-glaze pan with apple cider vinegar cook on hi heat for 1 minute.
  • 4. Add remaining ingredients. Bring to a boil, reduce heat to extra low and simmer, uncovered until thickened. Stirring occasionally, cook time roughly 2.5 hours.
  • 5. Puree sauce with a immersion hand blender, transfer to an air tight container and refrigerate overnight.
  • The sauce can be refrigerated up to 2 weeks.
  • 6. When ready for use, add cilantro. Brush chicken, ribs or vegetables with sauce 2 minutes before they are finished cooking and brush again after removed from the grill.

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