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Vosges Chocolate

All Chocolate Bars / New! Coconut Ash & Banana Super Dark Chocolate Bar

All Chocolate Bars - New! Coconut Ash & Banana Super Dark Chocolate Bar

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New! Coconut Ash & Banana Super Dark Chocolate Bar

Deep, dark chocolate envelops fellow super foods creating our innovative, all-natural Super Dark Collection. Itself a super food, dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, boasting benefits that include stress reduction, heart health and improved brain function. The decadent combination of coconut and banana offers many health benefits. Coconuts are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and healthy fats, while bananas provide potassium and Vitamin B6 that aide in cognitive and immune function, lower blood pressure, and promote healthy skin and hair. Your palate will indulge while your body and spirit enjoy a bonus boost.

Coconut Ash & Banana parfum includes:
Sri Lankan coconut + charcoal coconut ash + Hawaiian banana + 72% cacao dark chocolate

Contains: coconut, soy


VEGAN product containing no animal or dairy ingredients

Manufactured in a facility that handles tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, milk, wheat and soy.

Net Weight: 3 oz
Consume within 18 months.



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we all know the bar for quality and taste has been set high at Vosges, but this bar exceeds all expectations-fabulous!
- beverly watters
I have never tasted a better chocolate bar. It is perfect - perfection - not too sweet - not too bitter - perfect combination of flavors - Amazing.
- Marianne
When I bit into this for the first time, I was disappointingly surprised; I really thought I'd think I bit into a piece of Heaven; I must say, that wasn't the case. It truly tasted like a plain somewhat dark chocolate bar. In my opinion, it was not worth its price...or the lonnnng time it took to arrive. Sorry
- Arlene
Excellent Breakfast Chocolate for me    
I dined on this bar for breakfast. Many bars were purchased on a trip near Spring Street, New York City. The store was on the way to an event and I walked in to be happily greeted by friendly staff. CHOCOLATE BAR DETAIL 1. High energy without the lows 2. Healthy, the ingredients are actually real ingredients without massive sugar 3. Cleansing, relaxing 4. Great brain food 5. My concentration was excellent and I had a mellow outlook for the remainder of the day 6. Let the bar melt in your mouth and be patient. I was so hungry, I bit into the bars and chewed them. Clean cut and clean squares.
- Platinum Sweetheart
Dark Chocolate    
I shouldn't buy dark chocolate because I'm not a great fan of it. I found the dark chocolate of this bar overpowered the banana and coconut to the point that I couldn't take any banana. I did chomp on a piece of coconut, so I know it was in there, but again, no coconut taste.
- Rachel
Agreeing with other Rachel    
These super dark 'super food' bars really mask the flavor of the star ingredients. Ibarely tasted coconut and banana. I ate part of it and then gave it to someone else. For the price of this bar I cuold have gott
- Rachel S.
Officially the best chocolate that I have ever had    
This is literally the best chocolate that I have ever had. I would have never thought of this flavor combination. Kudos to Vosges for raising the bar! At first bite, you get that sharp, almost acrid taste from the dark chocolate (72%), which then morphs into a smooth, sweet banana delight; this sweetness would be more commonly associated with dessert. Finally, you get a hint smokey-ness presumably from the coconut ash. This is an amazing chocolate bar with three unique flavor profiles whom seamlessly compliment one another.
- Tiffany Lewis
My midnight addiction    
Woke up, couldn't sleep. This candy bar was calling my name from the kitchen. One bite, two bites, oh what the heck...might as well eat the entire bar and "destroy the evidence". Slept like a baby. Waaaaa! I want more.
- Jovan Van Drielle
I stumbled upon this heavenly treat at world market, I hate that I'm currently out but it is the absolute most amazing chocolate that I've ever had!!!!
- jennifer

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