Vosges Chocolate

Terms and Conditions

Besides the Vosges Haut-Chocolat® boutiques, where else can I find Vosges® products?
Click here to search for a store near you that carries Vosges Haut-Chocolat!

Can I ship internationally?
We can ship internationally. We ship via UPS Worldwide, and the cost can range from $100-$250 to ship overseas. To ship to Canada via International Ground the minimum shipping cost is $32. You should also be aware that we cannot guarantee any packages that we ship internationally, for instance if the package gets stuck in customs or melts in transit. Please call us at 1.888.301.9866 for a shipping quote or to place an international order. (This includes Canada!)

Can I mix and match truffles?
Yes, you can create a custom assortment of truffles in a 2, 4, 9, 16, or 32-piece box by calling our Chocolate Experts at 1.888.301.9866 Monday through Friday from 9am to 8pm Nov. 1 through May 15 and 9am to 5pm May 16 through Oct. 31.

I chose Ground shipping, but then my shipping was upgraded to 2nd Day Air or Next Day Air. Why did it upgrade my shipping?
If your order is shipping to a warm location, then the shipping was upgraded to 2 Day Air to make sure your chocolate does not melt in transit. Because these chocolate recipients are lucky enough to live in these warm climates (we are jealous here in Chicago!), the chocolate would melt if we tried to ship it Ground to these warm locations that are a ways away from Chicago. We don't want your chocolate to melt on the truck on its way there! If you ordered a Mini Cake, Collezione Italiano, Les Truffes au Chocolat or Ice Cream, your shipping was upgraded because these products are highly perishable and must only be in transit for one or two days, depending on the product. Please read the product care information in the package when you receive your order.

Where is my order/How to track a package
When you place your order on the website or by phone, if you provide an email address, you will receive an email on the evening that your package(s) ships out from our warehouse. This email will contain the tracking number for the package(s), which you can then use to track your package here.

Where are the truffles made?
We make the truffles here in our factory in Chicago. Our Corporate office, factory and warehouse are all located in the same building. This is where the action happens!

Are descriptions of the truffles included in the truffle boxes?
Yes, all of our truffle boxes have a candy map, which tells you which truffle you are eating, and a booklet with truffle descriptions and stories about the collections.

Can you send me a catalog?
Sure! Just go to the homepage and click on “Vosges by Mail.” You will receive a catalog in 2-4 weeks.

When I click the button that says, "Questions? Chat with us live!" with whom am I chatting?
You are chatting with the Chocolate Experts, the very knowledgeable Customer Service Team, located at our corporate office. These are the same people you would reach if you called 1.888.301.9866. We are here to help!

Can you explain the shelf life of your products?
Click here for the Product Care page. “Shelf life” refers to the length of time the product will remain fresh after you receive it. The Rooster truffle in our Collezione Italiano will remain fresh for 7 days. Les Truffes au Chocolat Collection will remain fresh for 4 days. The remaining truffle collections have a shelf life of 14 days. All Vosges Haut-Chocolat truffles should be stored in the refrigerator until ready to enjoy. For the best tasting experience, bring truffles to room temperature before indulging. Other product shelf lives are as follows: Caramel Toffee, 12 weeks; Wink of the Rabbit® & Exotic Caramels, 8 weeks; Couture Cocoas, 6 months; Exotic Candy Bars and Chips, 6 months. You may store these products at room temperature (ideally 67-69 degrees Fahrenheit).

Why is your chocolate so expensive?
We use the finest ingredients and the highest quality chocolate in all of our products. Many of our ingredients are exotic and come from all over the world. For example, we import the Lemon Myrtle in the Bianca cocoa all the way from Australia. In addition, we do not use any preservatives in our chocolate, only fresh cream, chocolate, and spices. Our products also require a great deal of care, which is also costly.

How many characters/lines can fit on the custom hang tags and fortune cookies?
For the hang tags, we can fit 3 lines of text. For the custom hang tags, the maximum number of characters for each line is 27 (including spaces) and up to 3 lines.

For our wedding, instead of our names, can I engrave a quote onto the 2-piece boxes?
Sure! Up to four lines can be engraved onto the side of each box, or three lines and a logo. Anything that fits on the box can be engraved.

Can UPS leave the package without a signature?
It is always up to the discretion of the driver, but you can add a note to the package that requests UPS to leave the package on the first attempt with no signature. If your driver usually leaves your packages without a signature, chances are that he or she will probably leave your package. If your driver usually requires a signature, he or she will probably require a signature with this package as well. Another option is Saturday delivery, which is $35.00 over the cost of ground shipping.

What if I want all dark or all milk chocolate truffles?
We have a 9 piece box of dark chocolate truffles and a 9 piece box of milk chocolate truffles. If you would like to create a custom assortment, please call our Chocolate Experts at 1.888.301.9866.

Which truffles contain alcohol?
Absinthe, Ambrosia and Chef Pascal in the Exotic Collection; Platanos Y Orchidus in Les Fleur du Chocolat Collection; Hip Hop and Rhythm & Blues in the Groove Collection; Zion and Rasta in the Zion Collection; Gatsby and Daisy in the Gatsby Collection.

Where can I find more of Susan Beischel’s Skin Lingerie?
You can contact Susan at info@skinlingerie.com and Susan will correspond with you and let you know where to find Skin in your area.

Does Katrina make the chocolates?
Katrina develops all recipes and oversees production of Vosges products.

Are these chocolates hand rolled?
Some are hand-rolled, others go through an enrobing line, i.e. I Love Lucy episode. In addition, all of the toppings are hand placed on each truffle. For example, the Viola truffles have flowers that are all hand placed.

Are these chocolates hand made?
Yes, Katrina infuses the spices in the cream, some of them are hand rolled and all are hand-topped (see above answer). However, we have chocolate manufacturing equipment to help us with things like tempering the chocolate and enrobing.

What is your base chocolate?
We use a variety of chocolates as Katrina likes to pair different chocolates with specific ingredients (e.g. spices, herbs, roots), everything from Valrhona (French) to Felchlin (Swiss) to Belcolade (Belgium) and much in between. She is constantly sourcing single-origin chocolates to create products where we know specifically where the beans are grown and how the people are treated within the agricultural cropping.

What does infuse mean?
A synonym for infuse is steep, to mingle something dry with something wet with the idea of extracting the flavor of the dry ingredient. You do this when you pour boiling water over tea leaves. The same concept holds true when you infuse/steep Kaffir lime leaves into cream. It is then mixed with the chocolate to make the soft ganache.

What makes these chocolates different than other truffles?
We use only fresh and natural ingredients without any preservatives and only the finest chocolate. We use exotic ingredients from all around the world in our truffles and haut-chocolat. For instance, the Black Pearl truffle is dark chocolate infused with Japanese wasabi and ginger and topped with black sesame seeds.

What are fresh cream truffles?
The ganache centers are made with fresh cream instead of oils or other preservatives.

How do they all look so perfectly shaped?
Katrina, the chocolatier, loves the perfectly round, voluptuous shape of a truffle. So, we use round molds for the insides of the truffles before we enrobe them in chocolate and top them.

What is ganache?
It is an emulsion of chocolate and cream.

What is an emulsion?
An emulsion is a liquid or semi-solid in which globules of fat are evenly distributed throughout. An example is ganache or mayonnaise, butter etc.

What is your return policy?
You can return unworn clothing or unused lifestyle items (e.g. candles) within 2 weeks of purchase with a receipt. If you are unsatisfied in any way with any of our perishable products, please contact our customer service department and we will do anything we can to make your experience with Vosges a pleasant one!

How do you use a molinillo?
Prepare the cocoa as directed on the box pour into a vessel with a narrower top than bottom, perhaps a glass vase. Then vigorously roll the molinillo back and forth between your hands until the cocoa froths (could take 10 minutes). The vessel shape prevents the chocolate from splashing.

Do your products have partially-hydrogenated fats or oils?
No, we use all natural ingredients, which means no hydrogenated or partially-hydrogenated fats or oils.

Do you use any organic ingredients?
Yes, we use as many organic ingredients as possible! In our Wink of the Rabbit caramels, for instance, we use organic cream, butter, sugar and pecans.

Where did the name “Vosges” come from and how do you pronounce it?
The name “Vosges Haut-Chocolat” (pronounced, vohj o- sho-colah) came from Place des Vosges in France. There is a mountain range in France called Vosges and a square nearby called Place des Vosges. Katrina had a memorable experience with truffle beignets at the Place des Vosges, which inspired the creation of Vosges Haut-Chocolat and her exotic truffles!

How do I place a wholesale order for my retail store?
We would love to speak with you about carrying Vosges product your store! Please call us at 1.888.301.9866 ext. 304 to reach the Wholesale department.

Is there a page with descriptions of your Exotic Truffle Collection?
Yes, there is! Click here to see the truffle flavors in the Exotic Truffle Collection.

I had a truffle collection that I do not see on your website anymore. Where did it go?
We have seasonal collections that are available during specific months due to the seasonal ingredients we use in the truffles. For example, the Green Collection is available in April because the Kayoko truffle for the Green Collection is topped with cherry blossoms, which are only available for a short time in late March-April.

What allergens are contained in your products?
Caramel Marshmallows, Exotic Caramels and Wink of the Rabbit Caramels contain gluten, a wheat-based product. Our Mini Cakes, Exotic Ice Creams, Cookies and Brownies all contain eggs. All of our products with chocolate contain soy lecithin, which is an emulsifier, preventing the cocoa butter from separating from the cocoa mass. Because our products are all made in the same facility, they may contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts, milk proteins and pearl dust (allergen: shellfish).

Do you have any Kosher products?
Yes, we currently have Chocolate Covered Matzos in two different varieties that are Kosher certified (but not for Passover).

Do you have any vegan products?
Our dark chocolate bars and chips are vegan and gluten free: Black Pearl, Red Fire, Creole, Oaxaca, Calindia and Black Cat.

What is the shelf life of your products?
Shelf life refers to the length of time the product will remain fresh after you receive the product. The Rooster truffle in the Italian Collection has a shelf life of 7 days. Les Truffes au Chocolat Nature and Paprika have a shelf life of 4 days. The remainder of the truffles has a shelf life of 10 days. All of the truffles should be refrigerated until ready to consume. Bring to room temperature to indulge. The Caramel Toffee has a shelf life of 12 weeks. The Caramels (Wink of the Rabbit and Exotic) have a shelf life of 8 weeks. The Couture Cocoas have a shelf life of 6 months. The Exotic Candy Bars and Chips have a shelf life of 6 months. The toffee, caramels, cocoas, candy bars and chips should be stored at room temperature (ideally, 67-69 degrees Fahrenheit).

What is the Vosges Green Mission?
It is Vosges' quest to do what we can to minimize our impact on the environment. Click here to read about our Green Mission.