Yoga + Chocolate Weekend Workshops with Vosges Haut-Chocolat

Vosges founder and chocolatier Katrina Markoff and At One Yoga co-founder David Romanelli (check out his website at have been best friends since their college years. In 2000, Katrina and David realized their careers each involved a unique type of "fusion." Katrina was fusing chocolate with curry, wasabe and chiles to create the Vosges experience. David was fusing the 5,000 year old practice of yoga with modern music ranging from Frank Sinatra to Puff Daddy and everything in between to create Yeah Dave Yoga. Katrina and David brainstormed the Yoga + Chocolate concept which culminated in a 2004 Yoga + Chocolate Retreat to Oaxaca, Mexico. Now you can experience Yoga + Chocolate in weekend workshops, week long retreats, and corporate seminars.

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Read comments from those who attended Yoga + Chocolate Workshops:

I was at the yeahdave yoga and chocolate class last night at Blue Lotus in Rochester and I loved it. The chocolates were amazing and my family loved the goody bag chocolates I brought home! And the class was intense and fun and hard but Dave was inspiring and helpful. I was actually a little nervous since I haven't been doing yoga for very long, but I felt really great. Thanks!

I thought Dave did a great job of mixing fun music with his class. I haven't taken yoga in a while, so the class was challenging for me, but I enjoyed that. It felt good to sweat and then relax and it really made me feel good for the entire day...Wow! Honestly some of the very best chocolate I have ever eaten, and I have tried a lot of chocolates, gourmet included! The fusion of flavors were truly different yet after trying each piece seemed so obvious, like, yeah, this is exactly what chocolate should taste like!...I was actually surprised at how well the two topics were so beautifully blended. Dave gave some great information on how healthy chocolate is and how it can appropriately inspire and pleasure us. He was great at getting the idea across of "savoring the moment" which Katrina was also able to do with her wonderful descriptions of each piece we ate.

The yoga and chocolate workshop was one of the most fun, joyful, loving, and liberating experiences that I have ever had. The fusion of yoga, rock, spice, and chocolate spoke to and awoke all of my senses. It was an incredible high and one that I would love to experience again. I never had a truffle before and I loved yours. The Naga was my favorite...the workshop apparently shifted something in me in a very good way. It awoke taste buds that were asleep...I have been feeling more joyful and have been sharing the chocolate and yoga experience with everyone I know.

I told Dave that it was the best $45 I have ever spent! I told my husband the same thing, and he said “Hey what about our marriage license?” Anyway, I love the concept. And your chocolate is divine. I’ve been sharing your info with all of my friends. I will definitely be making some purchases...what great gift ideas!

Yoga: David was wonderful. I have never sweat so much at a yoga class in my short yoga experience. He set just the right tone of seriousness and humor. The quotes were thought-provoking. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Chocolate: Heaven! I am savoring the goodie bag one chocolate per day. They are so delicious that one is enough to satisfy this chocoholic's needs. And what a fun addition to the yoga class.

Private Corporate Seminars
The Yoga + Chocolate Experience: Melt Your Heart, Free Your Mind

Seminar Naga: Relax, Recharge, Refresh
What better way to improve the company “vibe” than practice yoga like Sting, enjoy the music of Bob Marley, and learn the yoga philosophy that has empowered people for thousands of years?! Through yoga and sensory awareness, experience the ultimate way to relieve stress and stimulate the imagination.

David of Yeah Dave Yoga in Los Angeles combines yoga with music, aromatherapy, and the unforgettable taste of Vosges Haut-Chocolat exotic truffles (curry + chocolate!) and confections to:

  • Teach simple, accessible ways to relieve stress
  • Free the mind to think creatively
  • Share the value of staying present
  • Uncover the power of conscious breathing
  • Soothe bodily aches and pains
Enjoy 1 hour of flowing yoga that will get the blood and energy moving followed by 1 hour of slower, cooling stretches to create a deeply relaxing feeling. Throughout the experience, David will stimulate the 5 senses through music, aromatherapy, massage, color, and chocolate to guide you to an intensely present state of mind. After the yoga, you’ll spend the last half hour experiencing the amazing taste of a Vosges truffle. The Seminar will leave you with a calm mind, inspired palette, relaxed body, and gentle reminder that creating and maintaining peace and happiness in your company is a lot easier than you may have thought.

2.5 hours, $50/person (40 person minimum, special requests granted)

Includes class, Yeah Dave Yoga cd, a box of Vosges Haut-Chocolat exotic truffles, and a yoga + chocolate chakra guidebook.

Seminar Red Fire: Teamwork
Enjoy the Yeah Dave Yoga experience with Vosges Haut-Chocolat and learn lasting tools for peace-of-mind, health, and improved teamwork

Stimulating mind, body and spirit, David’s dynamic presentation will weave ancient yoga teachings and positions with modern music to shed light on these key points:
  • Understand a healthy perception of power
  • Hold center and stay calm in critical moments
  • Embrace an open-hearted approach to difficult situations
  • Learn the value of the team concept
  • Trust your instincts
  • Build confidence to speak your voice
  • Honor the power of imagination
The class will feature a fun, flowing yoga class, team-building exercises, and partner work before finishing with a deep relaxation to assimilate the experience. The class will end with a guided tasting of a Vosges exotic truffle (Ancho chillies and chocolate!) to celebrate the newfound joy of the present moment.

3 hours, $50/person (40 person minimum, special requests granted)

Includes class, Yeah Dave Yoga cd, a box of Vosges Haut-Chocolat Aztec truffles, and a yoga + chocolate chakra guidebook.

For more info email David • 1.888.301.yumm (9866)