Day 1: A Guided Tasting of the Black Forest Cherry Truffle

Day 1: A Guided Tasting of the Black Forest Cherry Truffle 

Join Founder & Chocolatier, Katrina Markoff, in a guided tasting of the Black Forest Cherry Truffle. 


A Step by Step Guide to Tasting Chocolate Truffles
Please note, our truffles are infused with a healing sound frequency to raise your vibe.

Close your eyes. Take three deep, ujjayi breaths. Listen to the space between thought and prepare your palate to experience chocolate.

Describe what you see. What is the shape, color, sheen and texture?

Run your finger against the chocolate, noticing its texture and releasing the aromatics.

Bring the chocolate to your nose. Close your eyes, cup your hand around the chocolate and inhale deeply.

Enjoy your truffle in two bites. In the first bite, you are just getting to know the truffle, and in the second, you delve deeper, searching out the aromas and nuances. You become immersed in the experience of the chocolate and the sensations. After you’ve eaten the truffle, take a breath and taste the air. The aroma should have a long, lingering finish that is layered with perfumed notes.

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