Importance of Corporate Gifting This Year

A Time for Giving

Tis’ the season to start thinking about the holidays. While it’s hard to imagine that they are right around the corner, the days are getting a little bit cooler, the leaves are just starting to go from green to yellow and the holiday season will arrive in the blink of an eye.

Given the challenges of this particular year, it is perhaps even more important to show gratitude by choosing gifts that will delight and bring cheer to your clients, colleagues, and employees.

The smallest gestures carry even greater meaning during times like the ones we find ourselves in, and maybe that’s why we are looking so forward to helping you choose just the right gift this year.

Chocolate gift experiences are the perfect way to make being at home for the holidays an opportunity for adventure, an interlude for ritual, and a time to savor culinary delicacies. We’re here to help you with luxury corporate gifts that will impress your clients or business partners.

Perfect truffle gift

We Love Gifting

Letting our team take your gift ideas and make them into a reality is something we love to do. We recognize the importance of corporate gifting to make your mark in your clients' minds, and our concierges are here to help you select the right gift to make sure that you do. 

Whether you want to include your company logo, a personalized message, or a special printed piece that shares your brand, we are able to accommodate you and make your gift one that will be as memorable as it is delicious.

Highlighting what you do best, paired with what we do best makes for a very special client gift:

“Our holiday gifting was a complete success this year! The custom tower we created with the exotic truffles paired with our Lip Treatment really resonated with our customers, and they were so grateful.” - Cecil Booth, Co-Founder of VENeffect

 From start to finish, we consider ourselves your business partner, and it’s our pleasure to make sure that your gifts are perfectly packaged and delivered to your business associates or prospective clients.

 “Outstanding work. Everyone received beautiful boxes of chocolates, and they were a huge hit. It couldn’t have been executed better and we’re hoping to work with Vosges again in the near future.” - Joy C. McKee, Executive Director

Occasions for Corporate Gifting

There are many instances when a small token of appreciation can make a big impact and a lasting impression. Gifting is a simple gesture that builds a personal connection and fosters loyalty within a client relationship. The client will understand the extra effort that was required and recognize that you value the relationship.

The perfect corporate gift is a meaningful way to say thank you to a longtime client. Corporate gifting often contributes to customer retention and there is nothing that is a more luxurious or unique gift than a purple box customized to express your company ethos and messaging to your client.

Gratitude can also be expressed to those whose business you are hopeful of obtaining in the new year. It can be useful as a tool for making cold calling, warmer, and more personal. For prospective clients, haut-chocolat gifting is a thoughtful way to begin building those all-important future relationships.

exotic truffle collection

Creative Corporate Gifts for Your Team

If there are silver linings to 2020, one may be your ability to get creative with your thank you gifts for employees and colleagues for being so adaptable and positive through the challenges of the year.  While in-person company parties may be off the table, imagine the surprise your team will have when a purple box arrives to allow them to join you for a remote company soiree. Perhaps a wine and chocolate box to toast a job well done, a library of candy bars to stage a virtual chocolate tasting, or an Italian chocolate truffle tasting to take a trip around the world.

It Doesn’t Have to Be All About Business

Let’s face it. This year might be the year to do something different for your family and friends, too. Maybe you have a message that you’d like to share with those you love for no special occasion. Maybe you just want to brighten everyone’s holidays with something sweet. There are lots of haut-chocolat gifts to help you do just that. Good things come in small packages, and we can use all of the tools that we normally reserve for client gifts, to make your personal gifting equally as meaningful.

Gather your loved ones for a pantry party by sending them hampers of your favorite Vosges treats with cheese, crackers, and dried fruit. Host a Zoom game night and send over S’mores supplies, or ring in the new year with all of your nearest and dearest from afar with truffles and champagne. If you can think it up, we can help you assemble it, and these are just the kinds of gifts that bring our team joy to make.  

Classic Parcel

A Very, Merry, Happy Holiday Season

All of this is to say that just because this year has been topsy-turvy (to say the least), it doesn’t mean that spreading joy and celebrating with the perfect gift should go by the wayside. We’re determined to do the opposite and since expressing gratitude is not only a great way to improve mental but also physical health, we are going to share loads of it with our guests and gift recipients and we’re even more committed to helping our corporate clientele do the same.

The HEaler Collection

It’s never been easier to treat your clients, colleagues and employees with online chocolate delivery. So, eat haut-chocolat, drink and be merry with us. Let this memorable year of 2020 end with equally notable gift-giving, chocolate experiences and personal touches shared with all of your most important clients, colleagues, employees, and loved ones.