Katrina's Personal Guide to Daily Wellness

“There is something so much more profound and satisfying in life, relationships, and work when we can experience ourselves more deeply in a way that reaches the soul. The path to that space is through ritual, with chocolate as our medium.”

Start a Morning Ritual with Chocolate Intention Setting

The morning is the best time for intention setting as it offers a quiet retreat into the mind before the to-do lists, meetings, and other responsibilities of the day set in. Katrina loves to start her morning with her journal and favorite chocolates.

"I believe the morning is the best time to eat chocolate. After I write my goals in my journal I place my morning chocolate on the intention and let it sit there while I get ready. After a bit of time, I return to the intention, read through my words, take a deep breath, and a bite of the chocolate. Through this ritual, I have set the intention and energy for my day."

Chocolate Breath Work

Starting your day with breathwork is another way to ground yourself in preparation for all the day will bring. It is one of the fastest ways to calm, center, and energize yourself. It’s an even better practice when it includes chocolate!

"Breathe fully, deeply, and slowly. As you inhale let your stomach expand and fill your lungs with air. Hold your breath for three counts and slowly exhale. On your exhale take a bite of chocolate and let it melt on your palette."

We suggest our Pure Plant Bars as the perfect accompaniment for the morning ritual of breathwork.

Drink Cacao Elixir for an Afternoon Mood Boost

"Lunchtime offers us a chance to recharge and nourish ourselves. It’s important to eat a meal full of veggies and proteins to maintain energy to avoid the middle of the day doldrums. It is also the perfect time to drink a Cacao Elixir for an afternoon mood enhancer and to boost immunity. My favorite is this Raw Honey Elixir."

We also recommend our Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding and Apricot Coconut White Chocolate Pudding recipes for a healthy, nutrient-rich snack in the morning, afternoon, or evening. 

Journal 3 Gratitudes From Your Day

Gratitude journaling is a positive way to reflect back on your day. Putting pen to paper and giving thanks for the good, and the bad, that helped you grow, learn, and better understand your surroundings is an important part of daily wellness and manifestation for a more positive future. 

Relax in a Forest Slumber Bath

“Bathhouses were sacred ritual bathing experiences for the Greeks and Romans as far back as the sixth century B.C. This process learned from those ancient times is still important now to incorporate into our daily lives to create a harmony between the hustle and bustle and the inner spiritual desire for reflection, release, and visceral connection. Essentially, creating a ritual around bathing will raise up the experience and heighten your vibration. One of my favorite bath time recipes is this one for Forest Slumber bath salts.”

A Guided Evening Meditation with David Romanelli

As the New Year begins, schedules fill up, and evenings get busy, it's important to make time daily for mindfulness practice. Try this quick meditation from our friend David Romanelli that you can have on hand in the car, on the plane, or wherever your summer travels take you!

"I hope that all of these rituals become a sacred source of light for you. Rituals allow us to touch our senses deeper, and in this, our possibilities expand."
- Katrina