Who is Uzume?

The Goddess of the Dawn, Merriment &  Humor
This is the tale of the Goddess Uzume  who brought joy to all in her path when in  the most adverse situations. She was j  jovial and creative, inspiring all around  her  to see the potential for happiness  and creation.

Legend tells us that her spontaneous dance is responsible for saving the world from eternal darkness. An irreverent thinker, Uzume’s keen mind and quick wit were put to use when the sun goddess, Amaterasu, having been shamed by her brother, went into hiding in a deep cave. When Amaterasu entered the cave, she took the sun with her and the world was left in darkness.

When Uzume became aware of this she traveled to the cave, determined to bring Amaterasu back into the light. In front of the cave, she placed a large mirror and then she began to dance. And she danced. And danced more.

As Uzume danced, Amaterasu became curious. Slowly she stepped out of the cave. As she did, she saw the mirror. Noticing her own lovely reflection, Uzume and the other gods pushed a rock in front of the cave entrance and bound it in place with sacred rope. Prevented from going back into the cave, Amaterasu returned the sun to the world and Uzume’s dance is credited with bringing the dawn once again.

In celebration of Uzume, the special collection in your hands serves as a reminder that you, too, have the power to bring yourself and others out of the darkness. Allow the essence of your being and your divine light to always reflect in your very step. It is your duty to shine bright for all to see and be aware of that truth every time you look in the mirror.