Vosges Chocolate

Les Fleurs Truffle Collection top pick!

Les Fleurs du Chocolat combines fragrant flower-infused truffles
crowned with fresh edible spring petals. Inside, you’ll find a dainty
guidebook telling the tale of each organic botanical’s health
benefits to keep you as fit as a fiddle.


Vegan Truffle Collection

Could the word "vegan" summon a notion of decadence and
lusciousness? The rustic simplicity of the cacao bean combines
with rich coconut milk (in lieu of cream), agave nectar and dried
fruit powder to create 2 truffles of unparalleled allure. You may
be challenged to decide which is better: a chocolate truffle with
fresh cream or one without.


Spring Gift Tower

Spring time is filled with gatherings, parties and social events of the
season. Be sure to attend in style with our Spring Gift Tower as a
fashionable couture accessory. Our truffle, caramel marshmallows
and caramel boxes are stacked up tall in a tower and tied with
purple satin ribbon to make a smashing presentation


Organic Peanut Butter Bonbons, 4 piece

Each bonbon is filled with creamy organic peanut butter infused
with pink Himalayan salt and enrobed in rich chocolate for a velvety
smooth finish, topped with a crunch of Maldon salt to bring out the
beautiful organic peanut butter parfum. Our very first certified
organic product…with many more to come!


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