Private Events

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Haut-Chocolat Happenings

Visit our boutiques for complimentary chocolate tastings and weekly events. All events take place in our Lincoln Park and Michigan Avenue locations in Chicago. Or enjoy daily happy hour specials at our Lincoln Park boutique - $2 off any wine, beer or cocktail, Monday-Saturday from 5-7pm and Sunday from 3-6pm. Find your nearest boutique.

October 5, 4—7 PM

Sip 'n' Shop: Ambrosia + Wheat beer

The lighter character of a wheat beer is a match for the subtleties of white chocolate. Notice what happens to the citrus notes of the Ambrosia truffle as you nibble and sip.

October 12th, 4—7 PM

Sip 'n' Shop: Sale Del Mare Truffle + Lager

The golden bubbles in a traditional American lager cut through the gooey, salty caramel center in our milk chocolate Sale Del Mare truffle.

October 19th, 4—7 PM

Sip 'n' Shop: Caramel Marshmallow + Stout

Two rich, full-bodied buddies come together to create the perfect power couple. Taste the crescendo of chocolate flavor in the Stout when you pair it with our addicting Caramel Marshmallow.

October 26th, 4—7 PM

Sip 'n' Shop: Praline + Bitter Beer

Floral hops and toasty caramel notes in a Bitter Ale dance on the palate with the nutty nuances of our Piemonte Praline Bonbon.

Every Friday 4—7 PM

Chocolate Happy Hours at O’Hare

Visit our Boutiques in Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 for Chocolate Tastings every Friday!