Illustrated on these collections, we explored the constellation myths of enchanted creatures from the Greek’s storied heroes, demi-gods, and other legends set among the stars in the night sky. Each box’s confections are infused with a specific celestial sound frequency to raise the recipient’s vibration with every bite.

The Cosmic Wonder collection was conceived as an homage to the energy of the Universe. Since Ancient times, civilizations of people have looked to the sky in wonderment, seeking answers and reason, trying to create an order that would explain the Universe and each of our places within it. I gave thought to why the stars are so powerful that people have been drawn to them since the beginning of time, seeking meaning from specks of light that dot the sky. This quest may be explained by our understanding that WE ARE ALL a piece of this vast and wondrous Universe; that we want to understand why we possess certain characteristics and how the star and planet positions affect our lives. And that regardless of our believe in a higher spirit, the Universe presents itself with energy from which we can draw power and a methodology for understanding, bettering, and inspiring ourselves and those around us. 

Peace, Love and Chocolate,