In this pioneering collaboration between chocolate alchemist, Katrina Markoff, and Dr. William Li, physician, scientist and New York Times bestselling author of Eat To Beat Disease: The New Science Of How Your Body Can Heal Itself, Vosges Haut-Chocolat created a line of cacao wellness bars to get closer to the taste and benefits of pure cacao. Best in class raw ingredients and the cutting-edge science exhibit that natural ingredients activate our body’s health defense systems.

Pure Plant Collection

in collaboration with

dr. william li

Physician, scientist and New York Times bestselling author.

"Vosges is known for revealing the hidden dimensions of chocolate by combining cacao with unexpected flavors and ingredients. What was exciting to me was the opportunity to reveal the hidden dimensions of health through food as medicine. When our worlds collide, new sparks fly and what emerged are these new transcendent chocolates."

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vosges haut-chocolat founder & chocolatier

katrina markoff

"This is the ultimate alchemy; the place where science meets the mystical and spiritual realms. By combining science and nutritional value with emotional and visceral value, I have come back full circle to my education in chemistry, psychology and my love for cooking. By combining this knowledge of my past with my current studies in alchemy, I created chocolates that are about bringing people closer to their own essence. I really wanted to make something that had a soul, deep meaning and a reason for being. My hope is that these chocolates create a true transformative, experience."

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dark chocolate is

Cacao, the basis of chocolate, activates powerful ways to support wellness. It stimulates stem cells that rebuild and repair our organs from the inside out. It improves our circulation which is key to building muscle, heart health and keeping our brain sharp. It uplifts our mood which can help lower anxiety, especially during these times in human history where the desire to be balanced and chill is an all-time high. Cacao is able to maximize these health benefits at levels of 80% and above.