This Mother’s Day we want to honor all the mothers, grandmothers, friends and mentors in our life through genuine appreciation and a bit of social recognition.

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Meet our Vosges Mommas


Founder & Chocolatier

My Mom

My mom is so special to me because she is the ultimate renegade. She never does anything conventionally, she always speaks her mind, she acts immediately and doesn’t deliberate. In short, she is a woman of action and can-do. She never let her industry dictate her potentiality and she achieved more than so many coming from so little. I learned what the American dream is from my mom. Thank you mom!



Kate, my Mom

My Mom has been an amazing influence on all of my siblings. My mother had 9 kids and then decided to get her nursing degree. She showed us the meaning of hard work and determination and following your dreams.



Ashley, Retail Manager

Ashley is one of the best mangers I've ever had and she takes good care of everyone in the boutiques. She deserves IMMENSE recognition for her hard work, dedication, and the sacrifices she makes to make sure both boutiques run as smoothly as possible.


Business Development

Karen, my Mother

"Our Mother's embrace confirms we exist and the adoring mirror of her eyes confirms who we are." My Mom gave me the gift of and showed me the way to Unconditional Love. She would tell me "You'll never know how much I love you until you have children of your own." I held on to that idea of love that she has for me through my most critical times of personal development. Mom's love provided comfort, grounding and strength throughout my life. But the Truth and Power of Unconditional Love, as she said it would be, was fully revealed upon becoming a mother myself. This epiphany of motherhood overwhelmed me with honor - that there is someone on the planet that loves me fully, completely ... Unconditionally...in this way I love my own son and daughter. And I tell them now "You'll never know how much I love you until you have children of your own".



Grandma Rexine

At a glance my grandma was a small town farmer's wife and mother of 2, but there was so much more to her! She lived life before settling down for the family she always wanted. She traveled, she worked in a steel factory during World War II, she experienced life outside of what she knew. With this she instilled in me curiosity and a fearlessness to always try. When faced with something new or scary I always summon the strength and courage of my Grandma Rexine!



My Mom and Grandma

Both my mom and my grandma raised 6 kids and are the best role models I could ask for as a mother. They have taught me through their love and never ending support what it truly means to be a mom. I'm so grateful that I get to raise my daughter surrounded by so much love from 3 generations of strong women and amazing moms.



My Mom

My mother is THE most disciplined, selfless, determined, and positive person in my life. As I grow up, I continue to be more impressed and thankful for who she is and what she strives to be. This is for all the moms out there that continue to be the uplifting, motivating and loving rock of the family! Love you, mom.



My 'Nina'

My Nina, grandma to 45 grandchildren and mother to 9, was the strongest women I knew. She taught me from a young age to be independent and never settle for less than I deserved. Te extraño Nina, y pienso en ti en cada capitulo importante de mi vida. Pero se que siempre estas conmigo, un saludo hasta el cielo.


Chocolate Concierge

My Mom

My mom has always been so supportive of me and my dreams. She inspires me to be the best person I can be and always knows how to catch me when I fall. She knows just what to say, even when it's tough love! I can count on her to keep me going. I love her so much.

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A picture from happier days.. Last year, we lost the most important man in our life, my dad, her husband Luis. It has broken our hearts in more ways than we ever thought possible. My mom has been doing her best after losing her best friend, business partner, and husband of 37 years...

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During a weeklong celebration of Mother’s Day this year, I took my mom around to some of my favorite garden spots to enjoy the springtime blossoms. She loves flowers and being outside as much as I do (probably where I get it from). My mom possesses an incredible zest for life & appreciation of nature...

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Did you know that when you dream of hot chocolate it represents sweet and warm love? It symbolizes the love and support from your family members in your waking life.❤️
There’s a special chocolate shop I go to when I dream where I drink hot chocolate...

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My mom plants yellow freesias every year, just because she knows I love them. It’s one of the many ways she makes life beautiful wherever she goes! 

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