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Easter Basket Fillers / Verde Caramels, 4 pieces

Easter Basket Fillers - Verde Caramels, 4 pieces
Easter Basket Fillers - Verde Caramels, 4 pieces

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Verde Individual Exotic Caramels, 4 pieces

We have chosen one of our favorite parfums from the Exotic Caramel Collection to create a smaller 4 piece box of caramel bites. Our Verde Exotic Caramels in a mini box are ideal to share with friends or give away at your next party.

Verde parfum Exotic Caramels include:
Mexican guajillo chillies + licorice root + dark chocolate + organic pumpkin seeds

Manufactured in a facility that handles tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, milk, wheat and soy.

Consume within 5 months
Made with organic ingredients


"This collection lies on the fulcrum between exotic and comfort. I started by experimenting with different salts in caramels but before I knew it, ingredients from Hawaii and Aboriginal Australia were swirling into the mix. Americans have always loved caramels. I suppose this collection of caramels, like our culture, has become a true melting pot."

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Interesting in a good way    
Most would not even take a second look at these caramels but everyone should give them a chance. The spicy flavor is cut by the licorice which gives it the perfect balance. A+
- Archer

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