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Comfort Food / Bacon + Chocolate Gift Box

Comfort Food - Bacon + Chocolate Gift Box
Comfort Food - Bacon + Chocolate Gift Box
Comfort Food - Bacon + Chocolate Gift Box
Comfort Food - Bacon + Chocolate Gift Box

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Bacon + Chocolate Gift Box includes:

(1) Noble Pig Library
(2) Mo's Bacon Chocolate Flying Pig
(1) 6 piece Caramels with Uncured Bacon
(1) 1/2 lb Bacon Caramel Toffee

Mo's Milk & Dark Chocolate Bacon Candy Bars
Our bacon is baked in small batches before we hand chop it into fine nibbles and combine with 62% dark or 45% deep milk chocolate. Alderwood smoked salt exudes a campfire aroma and perfectly offsets the sweetness of the chocolate.

6piece Uncured Bacon Smoked Salt caramels: uncured Bacon + 62% cacao dark chocolate + Smoked Salt

Bacon Caramel Toffee:
Uncured bacon, broken into pieces by hand and stirred into our classic, sweet butter toffee recipe. Coated in 42% cacao milk chocolate and sprinkled with Alderwood smoked salt.

Contains: You may refer to our website for individual item allergen information for each piece contained in this set.

Manufactured in a facility that handles tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, milk, wheat and soy. 

16.5" x 8.5" x 3.75"
Consume within 8 weeks


"I began experimenting with bacon + chocolate at the tender age of 6, while eating chocolate chip pancakes drenched in Aunt Jemima® syrup, as children often do. Beside my chocolate-laden cakes laid three strips of sizzlin' bacon, just barely touching a sweet pool of maple syrup. And then, the magic—just a bite of the bacon was too salty and I yearned for the sweet kiss of chocolate and syrup, so I combined the two. In retrospect, perhaps this was a turning point; for on that plate something magical happened, the beginnings of a combination so ethereal and delicious that it would haunt my thoughts until I found the medium to express it—chocolate.

From there, it was just a matter of time…and what began as a love of salt and sweet quickly unraveled into an obsession. No sooner could I wait to unveil the royal coupling in solid bar form, a deep milk chocolate with bits and pieces of hickory smoked uncured bacon and just a sprinkling of Alderwood smoked salt. Really, what doesn't taste better with bacon?"
15 medium-sized Medjool dates
3 chorizo sausages, casing removed
1 Mo's Bacon Bar (8 squares)
8 pieces Nueskes Bacon
1 batch of Spicy Oaxacan Red Sauce cilantro, for serving

Cut a date on one side lengthwise, remove pit. Stuff with chorizo and place ¼ of a bacon bar square in the center of the chorizo. Fold chorizo around chocolate.

Wrap in half a piece of smoked Nueskes bacon. Sear bacon-wrapped dates in pan until crispy. Set aside. Pour red sauce half-way up the sides of a baking sheet with 1-inch side walls and transfer dates to the baking sheet. Space dates 1 inch apart. Bake in sauce for 25 minutes at 350ºF. Serve in sauce, garnish with cilantro and bacon bar shavings.

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Awesome Gift for Bacon Lovers    
This is a fabulous gift for bacon lovers! The quality of the chocolate is superb, and the savory and sweet combination is simply divine. I gave this to my husband for Father's Day, and he was in comfort food heaven.
- Cindy
Bacon Bacon Bacon    
This is my go to gift for the men in my life; you can never go wrong with the two yummiest foods on earth-bacon and chocolate!
- Megan
Long Awaited    
I forgot my girlfriend's birthday! She loves the bacon bar and I kept wanting to get her a gift but didn't think she'd want the other chocolates. Alas, Vosges gave birth to the Bacon + Chocolate gift box! She drooled as she pulled out piece after piece of chocolate-bacony goodness. Guess who's out of the dog house now?!
- Julie
You can't have enough Bacon    
This bar was pretty good, and I liked the flavor combination. I kinda wish there was a stronger bacon taste to it, but it's still really good and different in a very good way.
- Doug
Everything is better with...    
I've always said, everything is better with bacon...even chocolate. Yum!!!
- Emily
Yum, Yum, Yum!    
I was skeptical about the chocolate and bacon combination, but after trying I am a bacon and chocolate fanatic. There is nothing better. I love it!
- Tania
BACON! How can you go wrong!    
Bacon and Chocolate? At first I thought it would be weird but nope, just amazing, the bacon bar (I prefer the milk) is an amazing combination of salty and sweet with just the right texture. The Bacon toffee has a great smokey flavor. If you like bacon and chocolate separately, you need to try this!
- Paul
I absolutely love this chocolate. The truffles are fresh and interesting! The candy bars are a great deal!
- Veda
It sounds like an odd combination, but it is wonderful. The bacon taste is not overpowering. We love bacon, so I topped this with extra bacon crumbles and a little maple syrup. A little extra chocolate would be good too!!!
- Kat
great combo    
This is a new combination for me, but I love it. So do my friends.
- mary janssen
It's a shame that for the price you charge for these products that you do not use "real" bacon; rather you use "bac-o-bits" in your product. The added smoke flavor was so over whelming that even washing my hands several times the scent did not come off. Ruined Valentines day for my loved one!! Do not purchase...
- Deborah

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