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Gifts for Him / Bapchi's Caramel Toffee, One Pound

Gifts for Him - Bapchi's Caramel Toffee, One Pound
Gifts for Him - Bapchi's Caramel Toffee, One Pound

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Our original Comfort Food, this salty-sweet toffee will remain a timeless favorite. We make our crunchy, buttery toffee in large sheets, sprinkle each with mineral-rich pink Himalayan salt, coat the top with deep milk chocolate and finish it off with a sprinkling of roasted, organic walnuts and pecans. Our lovely ladies make sure that each pan of toffee is broken into perfectly pop-able bite-sized chunks.
Parfums include:
sweet butter toffee + pink Himalayan sea salt + roasted pecans and walnuts + 45% deep milk chocolate
Processed on equipment that also processes Milk, Soy, Peanuts and Tree Nuts.
Consume within 8 weeks.


"A tribute to my grandmother, Bapchi. I grew up next door to my grandparents, she was the one who really taught me how to cook. At an early age, I learned from her the magic of the kitchen and the relationship between food and love. Not an English toffee, never a peanut brittle, just like Bapchi's crunchy, buttery toffee dipped in deep milk chocolate and rolled in walnuts and pecans. "
- Katrina
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