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Halloween / Caramel Marshmallows, 9 pieces

Halloween - Caramel Marshmallows, 9 pieces
Halloween - Caramel Marshmallows, 9 pieces
Halloween - Caramel Marshmallows, 9 pieces
Halloween - Caramel Marshmallows, 9 pieces

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Caramel Marshmallows, 9 pieces
Enrobed in dark chocolate and topped with walnuts and pecans, our Caramel Marshmallows bring a luxurious twist to this comfort food classic.

Caramel Marshmallows: Madagascar vanilla marshmallow + pecan and walnut studded organic caramel + 62% cacao dark chocolate + pecans and walnuts
Manufactured in a facility that handles tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, milk, wheat and soy.

Consume within 14 days


"These addictive morsels were born a bit by accident… After breaking our Bapchi's Caramel Toffee into bite size chunks, we are left with a pile of toffee crumble which consists of walnut and pecan pieces, bits of sugary toffee and milk chocolate. Too good to waste, we began mixing it into other yummy sweets like marshmallows and caramel which we snacked on around the office. Realizing we were on to something bigger than office snacks, I fine-tuned the recipe and covered the sweet treats in bitter, dark chocolate. Crowned with a sprinkle of the toffee bits, the Vosges Caramel Marshmallow entered the world where it immediately became a sought after hit and the perfect answer to the call for comfort food."
Today the marshmallow is an all-American icon, conjuring up images of campfires, s'mores, and the Fourth of July. The Vosges Caramel Marshmallow is our spin on this timeless classic. We dare you to eat just one. Or Make your own s'more with our Exotic Candy Bars. Here's how:

Unravel 2 square graham crackers from their parchment satchel

Break off 2 Exotic Candy Bar squares and listen to the crisp, ringing snap

Toast one handmade vanilla marshmallow to your liking…a blush of color, lightly bronzed or charred and blistered

Spread the gooey marshmallow atop the graham cracker-chocolate tower

Top the pile with another graham cracker and squeeze

When the chocolate melts and overflows the s'more is just right

Depart on a trip to fluffy chocolate heaven aboard the exotic spiced-flame.

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gooey goodness    
homemade marshmallows + caramel + chocolate = heaven!!!
- Megan
Absolute Decadence    
My husband has been getting me these as a special gift for a few years now. Of all the things we've gotten from Vosges, they are in the top 3. The textures and flavors are perfect.
- michele malone
Absolutely Divine!    
The pillowy marshmallow is engulfed with dark chocolate and caramel to make all of that goodness stick together. The pecans also add a nice crunch texture to the smoothness of the marshmallow. I think they should try them enrobed with milk chocolate too!
- Gina
Tasty little treat...but was smaller in size than I thought it would be.
- Michele
Sweet, chewy, and slightly crunchy, amazing!    
I fell in love with these a few years ago when I ordered some drinking chocolate and saw these and had to order them. They are amazing, I've ordered them several times since and even as part of a friend's wedding gift (she LOVED them). The flavor combination is wonderful.
- Shannon
What clouds should taste like!    
I'm usually not one to turn to a marshmallow as the first line of defense against my sweet tooth cravings but after sneaking one of my husband's Caramel Marshmallows...I'm now craving them! The lightest airy puff of goodness with oozing caramel coated in the richest deep tasting chocolate with an added bonus of texture with the toffee crunch! So I'm done with the review to hop in the car and go get one now! MMMMmmmm
- Gretchen Dust
My husband brought these back for me along with some other Vosges goodies and these are my favorites! So rich just one hits the spot but, I can certainly put down a few more at a time if need be! :)
- Tiia Mandell
simply heavenly!    
I have yet to come across a product at Vosges that I do not LOVE!
- Erin Smith
I bought these for my mom as a Mother's Day present and they were an absolute HIT! Then, was totally excited when someone bought them for ME as a gift. Melt in your mouth decedent!
- Emily
I discovered Vosges on my walk around downtown NYC. Since I love chocolate I went in.. I was happy to find that they had chocolate covered marshmallows which I really love.So I bought some to take home. I thought they were fantastic! You get that terrific combination of chocolate,caramel and toffee flavor rolling around in your mouth and you just want to savor every bite! I only wish they can be made with milk chocolate as well. Everything is always fresh and delivered quickly. You wont be disappointed!!
- karen glavin
The Best Treat!    
This is the most delicious treat you will find at Vosges. Chewy caramel, moist marshmallow, covered by their perfect chocolate. Oh, and don't forget the toffee! The only thing is, eat them fast or else the marshmallow will tend to get hard. Plus, it will be an excuse to buy more!
- M Rubin
These are outstanding! Be sure to eat them by the date recommended as they are so fresh that they do get stale kinda fast.
- EK
SCRUMPTIOUS! First bite feel the chocolate break and the soft sweet flow of carmel.The finish is the pull of marshmallow and the final crunch of toffee.A meld of textures and a finely tuned crescendo of flavors! My favorite.
Soooooo good!    
I ordered these for my husband because he is less daring with his food. I didn't expect anything amazing but I was wrong! The quality makes it a night and day difference between these and cheaper versions!
- Alesha Holley
I've always loved chocolate and marshmallows. But when you add caramel, you have a bit of chewy heaven.
- mary janssen
Hmm... Mmm?    
I must admit, when these arrived today, I was very happy to see them. And I was right. They are absolutely delicious. But the dark chocolate threw me for a loop. I suppose I did not read the product info, just stared at the pictures and went "YUM!", adding them to my cart without another thought. And I was right, they are absolutely delicious. Surprising, because I'm normally a milk chocolate gal. The marshmallow is, of course, the star, and it's quite large. Fluffy and foamy in texture, it's got that sweet marshmallowy flavor, without a lot of the not so great oversweetness. Someone really thought this through! The dark chocolate is VERY dark, almost bittersweet, and the top layer of caramel is quite thin, to keep the marshmallow center-stage in flavor, I suppose. The toffee crumble on top is very fine. I quite enjoy it! I'm just surprised at how much I am!
- Nina
Make sure they are at room temperature    
I have to be honest... we brought these home from one of the shops (they had been refrigerated there), set them out for a couple of hours, and had some. They were OK, but not great. I left them out unrefrigerated overnight and just had some. Wow, what a difference. Make sure they are at room temperature for several (more than 12) hours. They are really good. A little pricey, but very good. Very complex flavors in each ingredient that you can actually taste.
- L Bower
Let me just say I hate marshmallows -- but Vosges you have made me a convert. Delightful-- simply delightful.
- jamjem
Simply Delicious..    
I received a box Vosges chocolates with a Victoria Secret purchase on my way to Las Vegas. The chocolates were so delicious I looked up the nearest store and it just so happen to be one in Las Vegas. My lucky day. Not only were the sales girls knowledgeable they possessed great customer service skills. The Caramel marshmallows are to die for a combination of chocolate, caramel, marshmallow goodness. The quality of their chocolate is definitely worth the price. My new favorite to-go-to for chocolate.
- Sheila Ann Pullum Jr.
True comfort food!    
This is for the beginner in chocolates and is a comfort food. It's gooey and good and will not last long. These remind me of s'mores at the campfires during Girl Scout campfire outings. These are great fun to eat because they are messy but delicious. These are the perfect gift for your tween or teen.
- Miriam Marcus
True comfort food!    
I just can't say it enough: this is the true comfort in comfort food!! Don't miss out by missing this, it's some of the best of Vosges.
- Miriam Spectre Marcus
The Best    
Simply the very best chocolate candy ever!!!
- Lois
Best sweet treat ever!    
I'm not much of a sweets eater, but I do like marshmallows. Holy Hell... best sweet treat I've ever put in my mouth. These are making it onto my Valentine's Day and Christmas wish lists this year!
- Melissa J

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