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Exotic Chocolate Bars / Mix 'n' Match Chocolate Bars

Exotic Chocolate Bars - Mix 'n' Match Chocolate Bars

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Pull up a chair at the Vosges® Mix 'n Match chocolate bar and pick your selection of five 3oz. chocolate bars from our Exotic Chocolate Bars range - and get the sixth on us!*

Whether it be six different bars as a sampler or six Mo's® Bacon Bars – send us your order and our 'barman' will be happy to oblige. He won't require a tip either!

It's never been easier to get your daily dose of chocolate. Each bar comes with guided tasting notes and detailed information on the authentic ingredients we use to produce such unique flavor combinations! Your six chocolate bars will come enveloped in our keepsake, signature purple box.

Of course, if you want to buy more then why not! Just shop our Chocolate Bar section 'til your heart's content and we'll deduct the cost of the sixth bar at checkout. Or checkout our Mix 'n' Match Mini Chocolate Bars with 6 for $12.5.

*Free bar is of equal or lesser value.


Manufactured in a facility that handles tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, milk, wheat and soy.



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Fun gift!    
I have gotten these and the mini mix and match as gifts for my father and my husband. It's really fun to try each different kind, although I think the bars themselves are a little waxy in texture (this waxyness increased over time, so you're probably supposed to eat them all right away). I discovered some new favorites this way, like the Naga bar.
- Naomi
Sugar Free Barcelona Bars    
My husband developed diabetes so I ordered the sugar free barcelona bars for him to try. He loves them and says that he cannot tell that they are sugar free. The way that he eats them testifies to that fact. I keep a supply on hand at all times so he can have chocolate whenever he wants it, which is daily. Thank you for providing such a great sugar free candy.
- Brenda Haubert
Best Chocolate!    
Naga bars were my introduction to Vosges several years ago, and ruined me to other chocolate bars forever! All the different flavor combinations that I would never dream up... has opened my eyes to what chocolate should taste like.
- Emily
Favorite Gift    
If I had my own favorite things show like Oprah, these mix and match chocolate bars would definitely make the show. It is my favorite gift to give. It's out of the ordinary chocolates. They are fun to try and the quality of the chocolate is excellent.
- Michelle
Bacon chocolate bar    
This is amazing! Perfect combination of salt from the bacon and sweet from the chocolate
- Jaclyn
Best Chocolate Bars    
The tastes and varieties of these chocolate bars are superb. The size and thickness of the bar allow the right combination of flavors to truly shine (unlike most commercial bars that are thin and lacking flavors.) There is always something for every type of taste bud. There is no need to look elsewhere. Everyone should try and enjoy them all.
- Chindarat
omg! Bacon & Chocolate together at last!    
What better than the salty savory taste of bacon and the sweetness of chocolate.I have tried both the milk and dark bars. Love them both!!(I want to try the truffles next!!) I tell everyone that they have to try it to believe how great the pair goes together.
- Lily Distasio-Arpin
Best choice for a gift    
This is truly the best option for a gift or for anyone who wants to try a few different flavors - it's my go-to item =)
- Shannon
Peppermint Bar    
The peppermint bar was cool and refreshing.
- mary janssen
I heard bells ringing...    
I love this chocolate!! If it wore pants, I'd marry it ;)
- Laurel Porter
I love the mo's dark chocolate bar it is one of the best things I have ever eaten.
- Jamie

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